Engage with Intelligent Transportation System, Exploit the Internet of Vehicles




Challenges and Requirements 


As the architectural framework for self-driving technology, smart cars and the IoV (Internet of Vehicles) gradually matures, vehicular devices are expected to see rapid growth, becoming the driving force in the global semiconductor industry.

Flash storage solutions applied in transportation applications require a rugged design to withstand the extreme conditions of environments. From navigation systems, In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in vehicles to surveillance and intelligent transportation system outdoors, SSDs and memory are tasked with reliably reading and writing data.

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Tough enough to survive anywhere in the world


More than perhaps any other industry, the transportation industry has to develop vehicles and systems that will be used in a variety of harsh environments. From bitterly cold conditions to burning desert landscapes, transportation technology has to resist the extremes of temperature, humidity, dust and vibration. And natural weather systems arenʼt the end of it. Many parts of the world where vehicles need to travel are badly polluted. Luckily, Apacerʼs engineers are seasoned professionals at creating storage solutions that can resist even the most challenging conditions.

In order to meet the harsh requirements, Apacer’s industrial solutions feature low power consumption, shock/vibration resistance, wide temperature and Anti-Sulfuration technology, making our automotive storage solutions highly reliable. Apacer’s industrial SSD and DRAM products for in-vehicle systems and the automotive industry are compliant with the United States Military standard MIL-STD-810G.





Voltage instability is no longer a problem



Especially in developing countries or remote areas, voltage supply can sometimes be compromised. The data stored on SSD may be lost or corrupted by any instant power instability. Even worse, it may cause SSD to stop working and lead to system shutdown in the long run. Thatʼs why Apacer has created storage solutions that can mitigate and offset the effects of voltage instability.

Thanks to our innovative protection systems, storage solutions will still maintain data integrity and enhance data protection if voltage instability issues occur.


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Featured Technologies for Transportation Applications


In the transportation industry, manufacturers have to consider the varied and punishing environments where their products will be used. Apacer stays ahead of its competitors because of its focus on stability, longevity, durability and reliability. And whatʼs more, we also offer assistance with SSD optimization and monitoring with our value-added technology.

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Apacer’s Premium Package: VehiclePro™


Apacer has developed a tailor-made technology set, “VehiclePro™”, to meet the multi-faceted requirements of transportation applications and help customers find the right solutions, further simplifying the process of implementation. VehiclePro™ is classified into three levels based on customersʼ requirements and Apacerʼs strong industry background.

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