Apacer’s products are designed with wide temperature support to ensure operation reliability in extreme temperatures ranging from -40ºC to 85ºC.




Because they are designed specifically for operation in harsh environments and under changing temperature, Apacer’s industrial wide-temp SSDs and memory modules are suitable for applications in industry, military, aerospace, and transportation fields, where conditions are often more extreme. Apacer’s wide-temp series of products, including memory chips, passive elements, and PCB, are all full-scale industrial grade. These products have passed industrial extended temperature tests and the most extreme thermal cycling test, ensuring their quality, reliability, and durability. Apacer’s industrial wide-temp SSD product line is compatible with multiple interfaces and specifications. The industrial wide-temp memory line includes products such as UDIMM, SODIMM, ECC UDIMM, and ECC SODIMM.





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Industrial-grade wide-temp identification


Apacer insists on using industrial-grade chips. With Industrial wide-temp IC, Apacer’s industrial memory modules can ensure the stability of operating in harsh environments, where temperatures constantly fluctuate.


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The misuse of commercial IC


The misuse of commercial IC increases the instability and risk for smart devices, decreasing product lifespan and potentially causing malfunctions. To avoid the risk of losing or damaging data due to misusing commercial IC in industrial computers, the default IC naming rules for memory products can clarify IC characteristics and allow clients and purchasers to easily identify the products that meet industrial-grade wide-temp standards.