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Challenges and Requirements


Confidentiality and data protection of game play data and programming patterns in the storage applications are of primary concerns and cannot be compromised. In order to meet the strict security demands from the gaming industry , Apacer implemented critical security features like Read & Write Protect, and ATA Security Commands without sacrificing our well known reliable performance storage solutions.

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SLC-liteX technology


Apacer's 3D NAND SLC-liteX technology breaks through the limitations of existing technology and provides up to 100,000 P/E cycles, which is over 33 times more than MLC or industrial 3D TLC.


Reliability is also a crucial selling point


Reliability is also a crucial selling point for gaming machines, since many of them will be operating 24/7 without much downtime for maintenance. Gaming machines often also require read-intensive operations. With both of these challenges in mind, Apacer developed the Smart Read Refresh™ technology. This prevents the accumulation of read-disturb errors from harming hardware operation and extends the operational lifetime of devices as a result.


Featured Technologies for Factory Automation Applications


Having a gaming device fail at the wrong time could be extremely costly to a casino. To keep data safe and the money coming in, we’re devoted to making our products as reliable and long-lasting as possible. An innovator in the field of industrial storage and memory, Apacer is committed to offering a wide range of industrial-grade SSD and DRAM solutions to buyers, as well as developing cutting-edge technologies for superior data protection.


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Apacer’s Premium Package: CasinoPro™


Apacer has developed a tailor-made technology set, CasinoPro™, to meet the multi-faceted requirements of gaming applications and help customers find the right solutions for their circumstances, further simplifying the process of implementation.


CasinoPro™ is classified into three levels based on customers’ requirements and Apacer’s strong industry background.


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