Apacer’s SSDs support over-provisioning, which sets aside a certain portion of the physical capacity of the memory to carry out garbage collection, wear-leveling and bad block management. The result is a longer operating lifetime.




Apacer optimizes the continuous random write performance of 3D NAND SSDs through Over-provisioning. With this technology, 7% or more of drive space is reserved. When a later bad block (LBB) is discovered, it will be replaced with a Free Block from the reserved space to stabilize operation and extend product durability.


Users who require longer-lasting SSDs are recommended to choose Over-provisioning. Over-provisioning technology can effectively reduce write amplification and extend the life of an SSD. In 4K random performance and background processing performance, the number of reads and writes per second (IOPS) can be increased by 85% and 65%, respectively.



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