Conformal coating improves product reliability when applied on the surface of printed circuit boards. This protective film can safeguard devices from dust ingression and liquid immersion.




Why industrial coatings are important

As industrial devices products have been widely used in various kinds of applications, the need for industrial-grade SSDs and memory modules that are tough enough to survive more punishing environments is rapidly increasing. Industrial coatings can safeguard devices from dust ingression or liquid immersion, further ensuring product reliability.

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Process of application


  • Uses automated conformal coating spray system to apply conformal coating with extremely high dispensing accuracy
  • Makes the glue dry by the process of baking.
  • Performs in-house testing and inspection to ensure the application is smooth, uniform and correct.
  • Follows the IPC-A-610E standard to ensure coating material never comes into contact with gold fingers.


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Automated conformal coating system


Conformal coating can be applied by manual or automated operations. Apacer adopts automated conformal coating system to ensure high product reliability.

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Coating Technology Comparison


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