Security, Safety and Reliability




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Challenges and Requirements


In today’s fast growing Medical Industry, Healthcare storage applications used in demanding and challenging environments require exemplary performance, reliability, and product longevity. Medical devices are intended for assistance in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of disease conditions to record crucial lives data. Those data must be correctly processed and distributed in real time to avoid lives being in danger.



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Data integrity is crucial:
Corruption is unacceptable


Obviously, the integrity of data in the healthcare industry is of the highest importance. Corrupted or incomplete data could lead to misdiagnoses with serious health consequences. Apacer uses the latest in redundant protection technology to ensure that data integrity is as high as possible.


Strong enough to survive


Our SSDs have been incorporated into innovative new products such as mobile nursing stations. These can be wheeled from one patient’s room to another, gathering data at the source and preserving it for later analysis. Not surprisingly, this means our products have to be tough enough to survive shocks and vibration. Meeting MIL-STD-810G and employing underfill technology makes our products that much tougher.






Privacy is paramount: Encryption protects against intrusion


Patients also want to make sure that their data is protected against outside intrusion. Apacer offers SSDs with AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that even if the hardware is stolen or lost, this powerful encryption prevents hackers from accessing the data. And since the laws of many nations require the destruction of personal information when it is no longer needed for business reasons, Apacer offers technology options that include the ability to totally erase and overwrite data when needed

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Featured Technologies for Healthcare Applications


Smart Healthcare refers to smart, connected medical devices that provide clinical information, remote connectivity management, and access to patient data. All of these require a robust embedded solution.


Apacer’s Industrial SSD team has more than 20 years of experience in the embedded storage industry. We focus on manufacturing products designed to deliver high performance, high reliability and excellent quality in the smart healthcare industry, aiming to provide complete solutions and help our customers build reliable, flexible and low-cost systems.


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Apacer’s Premium Package: WellnessPro™


The demand for advanced healthcare technologies is growing rapidly around the world. Apacer's WellnessPro™ is based on four key considerations: data integrity, data security, product durability and reliability to help healthcare manufacturers meet the challenging standards of their industry.


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