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Apacer manufactures a variety of stable and durable digital storage solutions designed for vertical application markets such as industrial, cloud data centers, automotive, defense, gaming, and healthcare.


In the field of industrial applications, Apacer listens to customer needs, grasps market trends, and actively enhances the research and development capabilities of embedded SSD storage modules as well as the associated software and hardware. Apacer also provides stable and highly efficient designs to meet the diverse development characteristics of the vertical application market. Customized requests are welcome.




Apacer's Enterprise Series SSDs


These enterprise SSD are developed around the latest BiCS5 112-layer 3D NAND Flash memory technology. They incorporate QoS and Namespaces to improve latency and stability. They also support Apacer’s value-adding technologies such as CoreGlacierTM, CorePower and End-to-End Data Protection. AES-256 bit hardware encryption and Signed Firmware technology can also be incorporated, as well as advanced power protection. It provides comprehensive data protection and will find an ideal home in an edge server or a data center.


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For more information on Enterprise SSD series, click the link below.


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