Apacer is committed to promoting a friendly and healthy workplace

Providing colleagues with a dignified and safe working environment

  • Implement workplace diversity and prohibit discrimination based on race, skin color, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, pregnancy, religion, political stance, marital status, educational background, and any other protected status under the law.
  • Promote gender equality, prevent and eliminate incidents of sexual harassment, and establish the 'Workplace Sexual Harassment Complaint and Discipline Measures,' 'Measures for Preventing, Reporting, and Investigating Sexual Harassment,' and promote the sexual harassment complaint procedures.
  • The overall gender ratio of colleagues and top executives is relatively balanced, and the overall training hours for colleagues are also fairly even. The gender pay ratio for each job category is also relatively balanced.


Pay and Benefits

For other employee benefits and retirement policies, please refer to the:  Employee Benefit



Salary System

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Sales incentive bonus
  • Performance bonus based on annual organizational profit
  • Pension contribution
  • Patent R&D bonus 
  • Offer extra annual leave and compensatory leave
  • Employee recommendation bonus
  • Profit sharing, stock ownership, and stock options


  • Group insurance
  • Allowances for marriage, funeral, births, and hospitalization
  • Gifts and certificates for birthdays and major festivals
  • Group activities and subsidy
  • Free periodic health examination
  • Comprehensive education and training activities
  • Employee discount for group purchasing
  • Annual domestic/ overseas tours
  • Employee library
LOHAS Apacer

Employee Welfare Committee

    The Apacer Employee Welfare Committee is comprised of employees who are enthusiastic about serving and keen on providing clear communication. They are elected through a fair, unimpaired, and open election system and act as a bridge between labor and management. Labor and management representatives must fully communicate issues relating to employee benefits at the Employee Welfare Committee meeting in order to strive for the most favorable benefits for everyone.

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Contract Stores

    By partnering with various specialty stores for food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education, and entertainment on digital welfare platforms, Apacer provides employees with diverse and flexible options for contracted services. Through digital certificates, employees and their families can enjoy dining, shopping, traveling, and other happy moments at contracted stores, creating precious memories.

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Comprehensive Clubs

    We have established various health and cultural clubs, including yoga, aerobic boxing, basketball, etc. By participating in these clubs, our employees can explore the joy of life with like-minded colleagues.

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