This technology ensures that whenever data moves from the host to the controller or from the controller to DRAM or NAND flash, error checking is applied. In some cases, error correction will also be part of the circuit.




End-to-End Data Protection is a feature designed into Apacer’s SSD products that extends error control to cover the entire path from the host computer to the drive and back. It ensures data integrity at multiple points by adding protection information to the data in the path to enable reliable data transfers.


End-to-End Data Protection allows SSDs to identify an error occurring anywhere in the process of data transmission. The data integrity technology protects the data in transit through error-checking techniques such as CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) and ECC (Error Correction Code) depending on the interface in question to determine if any data mismatch appears during the transfer.





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Improves system stability


Data protection for the entire system can improve system stability by protecting the system from damaged or inconsistent data to minimize downtime. This error-checking mechanism therefore enhances protection as well as the trustworthiness and reliability of the SSD.