Apacer’s patented Multi-PowerPath technology provides a three-option plug-and-play solution for power supply.




While traditional 7-pin miniature SSD requires external power supply, Apacer’s patented plug-and-play Multi-PowerPath supplies power through two power connectors (7+2) on the side or the 7th pin. In addition to using a conventional power cable, power can also be supplied through either Pin7 or state-of-art 7+2 pin connector on the side with cable-less design, allowing an SSD to operate without external power supply, giving it the dual advantages of signal integrity and flexible configuration on the motherboard.





Multi-Powerpath_NEW.png (124 KB)

Multi-PowerPath Technology

  1. Standard: Power Supply Cable
  2.  PATENTED Cable-less: 7+2 Power Socket
  3. Cable-less: Pin 7Power




Apacer’s Multi-PowerPath technology not only meets the input requirements for power sources of multiple platforms, but also implements an exclusive, innovative power circuit mechanism which protects miniature SSD from being damaged by overheating even when power is concurrently supplied via the three methods.