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Challenges and Requirements


AIoT is less a new industry than it is the combination of pre-existing industries. Data has taken center place as the most important asset, highlighting the importance of memory and storage devices. Beyond storing data, companies will need to rethink how they integrate and analyze data to get the best return on their investment in IoT, while maximizing the benefits of smart storage. Both challenges and business opportunities present themselves. Apacer is here to help you overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.





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Data integrity is crucial


In order to facilitate constant improvement in the field of IoT, data must be gathered and analyzed to identify and correct any issues that arise. Apacer uses the latest in redundant protection technology to ensure that data integrity is as high as possible.

Strong enough to survive

IoT devices need to function smoothly even in challenging real-world conditions. Apacer’s storage solutions can be protected by a variety of advanced technologies to make them more resilient to shocks and vibration. Employing underfill technology makes our products that much tougher.






Encryption protects against intrusion

Smart devices in an IoT system need to be able to communicate with each other while still remaining protected from unwanted intrusions by hackers. Apacer offers SSDs with AES 256-bit encryption to ensure that
even if the hardware is stolen or lost, hackers are prevented from accessing the data.




Featured Technologies for IoT Applications


No matter where an IoT device is incorporated into a system, it needs to gather and store data for later analysis. Both the quantity and quality of data that is being gathered are constantly growing. Manufacturers are looking for robust embedded solutions for data storage.

Apacer’s Industrial SSD team has more than 20 years of experience in the embedded storage hard drive industry. We focus on designing and manufacturing solutions designed to deliver high performance, high reliability and top quality in the IoT industry to provide complete solutions and help our customers build reliable, flexible and low-cost systems.


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Apacer’s Premium Package: IoTPro™


Apacer has developed a tailor-made technology set, IoTPro™, to meet the multi-faceted requirements of IoT applications and help customers find the right solutions, further simplifying the process of implementation.

IoTPro™ is classified into three levels based on customers’ requirements and Apacer’s strong industry background.

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