Extremely Rugged Design and Incomparable Reliability




Challenges and Requirements


Defense applications are doubtlessly mission-critical operations, requiring hence the most demanding, reliable and robust systems. Without protective technologies, defense applications can't survive hostile environments where temperature, altitude and humidity conditions are punishing. Moreover, anti-vibration and shock resistance are vital system requirements too.

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The highest standard of reliability, even in tough conditions



In a conflict, even a single data access exception or error could lead to very serious consequences. That’s why we focus on performance and stability when creating industrial SSDs and DRAM. We also ensure that our products can function smoothly even in harsh environments thanks to extensive testing. 

Cutting-edge protection safeguards sensitive data




As defense data can be highly sensitive, it is liable to cause irreparable damage to national security if it is lost or stolen. We employ the latest in protection technology to keep data secure within our industrial SSDs and DRAM.




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SM23D defense series SSDs: Withstood 8 Tough US DoD Military Standard Tests

Apacer SM23D defense series is a combination of the latest firmware, software and hardware technologies that guarantee that defense solutions are perfectly customized and engineered for customers’ requirements. The US Department of Defense has a complex series of military standards.

The SM23D defense series has passed their tests that cover:
 High/Low Temp.
 Thermal Shock
 Salt Fog



Featured Technologies for Defense Applications


 Apacer is committed to offering a wide range of industrial-grade SSD and DRAM solutions and cutting-edge technologies featuring multiple approaches to protection.

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Apacer’s Premium Package: DefensePro™



Apacer has developed a tailor-made technology set, “DefensePro™,” to meet the multi-faceted requirements of defense applications and help customers find the right solutions, further simplifying the process of implementation.

DefensePro™ is classified into three levels based on customers’ requirements and Apacer’s strong industry background.



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