TCG Opal handles the encryption/decryption of information within the device without requiring a host, enabling fast encryption/ decryption and minimizing the risk of data leakage without undermining system performance.





What is TCG Opal


Developed by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), a non-profit international organization whose members work together to formulate industry standards, the Opal Storage Specification is a set of security specifications used for applying hardware-based encryption to storage devices.


Why TCG Opal


The storage devices compliant with the TCG Opal standards provide the advantages over software-based encryption in terms of performance, security, and management. With the implementation of hardware encryption, users can benefit from better performance. There is no burden on the host system and no extra host encryption elements required because all security functions take place within the device itself. And, hardware-based security can be more effectively restricted at the access from the outside.
Besides, the mutually agreed data protection regulations will come into force in Europe. Hence, are you ready to improve your data security?


TCG Opal Main Features


Apacer has stepped in with TCG Opal-compliant SSDs as the demand for more invincible data security solutions gives self-encrypting drives (SEDs) a strong foothold in the industrial SSD market.


 Features include:

  • Shadow MBR (Pre-Boot Authentication)
  • Logical Block Address(LBA) – Specific Permissions
  • AES 256-bit – Hardware Encryption