Apacer's CorePower is a hardware-based technology designed to prevent data loss and ensure the stability of data transmission during a power outage by implementing backup power supply that allows sufficient time to move all cached data to NAND flash.




Ensures data integrity and the stability of data transmission


As solid state drives are often deployed in harsh and extreme environments, the possibilities of data stored in the drives to be put at risk are high. Power loss can unavoidably pose potential threats to data integrity. For SSDs built with volatile DRAM buffer, damages can be even more severe because data can be lost if power failures occur before the cached data is moved into the non-volatile NAND Flash. An effective solution to the catastrophic scenario is to implement a backup power supply that lengthens the emergent hold-on time for the controller to move all the cached data into NAND flash. Whether the controller can complete all the write-back-to-NAND cycles is largely dependent on the strength of the deployed backup power solutions and the required current of the device and NAND flash.

To ensure data integrity and the stability of data transmission in the event of power outage, Apacer has developed the hardware-based technology called CorePower. CorePower equips SSDs with tantalum capacitors and a detect IC that can deliver urgent power current so that the flash controller can take this extended moment to flush cached data and essential

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Apacer has designed tantalum capacitors which deliver a high level of reliability and endurance, reliable in extreme ambient temperature and with a longer lifetime.

● Stronger resistance against extreme ambient temperature
● Longer lifetime
● Higher endurance