Apacer’s CoreSecurity2 is a proprietary data protection technology developed to elevate the data security level through customized firmware and prevent data leakage, delivering higher reliability for storage devices.




Elevate The Data Security Level


In today’s information age driven by the ever-developing Internet, data is more vulnerable than ever to being retrieved and misused by unauthorized users. The loss or theft of data can lead to severe consequences. This is especially true in the fields of industry and national defense, since their data is generally sensitive and confidential. In response to concerns over data breaches or leakage, Apacer has stepped in with an innovative, comprehensive technology called CoreSecurity2 to elevate the data security level through customized firmware and prevent data leakage, delivering higher reliability for storage devices.

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Four Levels of Protection


CoreSecurity2 is a proprietary data protection technology built into Apacer SSD products. It is crucial for mission-critical applications, where data erasure, drive sanitization, and reliability of storage are essential requirements. CoreSecurity2 provides the following four technologies designed with exclusive software commands to meet clients’ requirements of a high level of data protection.







 After activating the Destroy function, SSDs can no longer be used. This is most useful when an SSD is about to fall into the hands of unauthorized users or hackers. Activating the Destroy function destroys all data on the drive. The main SSD damage modes are divided into:


  • Physical Destruction
  • Digital Destruction
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CoreEraser technology provides a complete disk erasure solution that safely and completely erases all data on the hard disk, preventing the possibility of data being recovered. It is divided into three modes:


  • Quick Erase, which can complete the erase operation in a very short time.
  • Full Erase, with a more thorough erase function.
  • Military Erase (MIL Erase), using military standard erasure techniques to overwrite the scrubbed data for even greater protection.


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Encryption technology implements the 256-bit AES standard into an SSD controller and complies with the TCG Opal 2.0 specification for providing complete data protection. An encryption key which is stored inside the SSD is required for data encryption and decryption. Apacer followed the TCG Opal 2.0 specification to create a software program called Opaque that can provide a higher level of SSD security functions. The encryption technology is also adopted in Apacer's Instant Keychange™, and a user can quickly replace the original encryption key with a new one - essentially erasing the entire drive in less than one second.


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Protecting unauthorized data from being tampered with or written to the hard drive is an excellent function to have. This solution can be activated through software or hardware settings and no need to install driver software. It is divided into two modes:


  • Write Protect: After enabling this function, the data will not be written into the NAND Flash, which prevents important data in the hard disk from being overwritten or deleted by mistake. It is a read-only mode.
  • Device Protect: RAW formatting means that the data in the drive cannot be read, which can prevent users from tampering with any parameters on the SSD.


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