About Us

Company Profile

World-Wide Innovator

Apacer is a world-leading supplier specializing in the research and development, design, manufacturing, and marketing of industrial solid-state drives (SSD), consumer digital products, and memory modules. Since its establishment in 1997, Apacer has developed innovative products and services based on its commitment to helping customer“access the best”. Our customers include global distributors, equipment manufacturers, and retailers. We offer high-performance, high-reliability, and high-value memory modules and flash memory products for the industrial control market; for consumers, we design innovative digital storage and peripheral products for everyday use in the recording, storing, and sharing of digital data.

Management Team


I-Shih Chen


Chia-Kun Chang


Organizational Chart

Business Philosophy

Human-centric, Building a Happy Enterprise

We believe in“spending what is taken from society on society," which is why we focus on the people as we blend corporate social responsibility (CSR) with the everyday work routine and environment. We enhance operational competitiveness, pursue long-term and stable profits and growth, establish a humanized management model, and optimize our employee welfare system in order to achieve a happy enterprise that grows and prospers with our employees.

Focusing on Core Technology for Business Expansion

With R&D capabilities accumulated over years of experience, we are seizing the opportunities that have arisen in this era of cloud computing, and following the trend of storing, receiving, analyzing, sharing, and monitoring data in order to plan a future applications development roadmap as an information service integrator.

Core Values

Delivering on our promises, Constant improvement, Mutually beneficial

By upholding these three core values, we have become the best brand for digital storage service integration.

Vision and Mission

Becoming the Leading Information Service Integrator with Digital Storage

We are committed to offering customers the best storage and sharing products and services in order to create a convenient, dependable digital life. In view of the rise of smart terminal devices, as well as the global boom in cloud and IoT applications, we have proactively implemented cross-business resource integration and enforced our core values of trust and innovation to provide enterprise customers and end users with reliable and innovative total solutions.

In industrial control, we listen to customer needs, capture market movements, and proactively improve our embedded SSDs and memory modules in order to provide reliable, high-performance designs that comply with the diverse characteristics and customization needs of the vertical applications market.
With our consumer products, which are oriented around user experience, we actively design and develop mobile storage devices that are lightweight and easy to carry while offering secure storage features.

Additionally, to keep pace with the increase in storage demanded by wired and wireless equipment and cloud servers, we continue to deepen our R&D capacity in consumer and industrial cloud storage and aggressively develop peripheral products that integrate digital and cloud services.

Apacer Factory Tour

In alignment with global technology, Apacer is equipped with a fully automated and intelligent production plant. Apacer possesses advanced equipment and high-quality monitoring devices and boasts extensive experience in customized production, along with excellent R&D capabilities. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Apacer has grown into the most stable, reliable and trustworthy business partner.


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