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Currently, all DRAM modules sold in the EU have components that contain lead. The EU’s RoHS Directive bans the use of lead in electronic devices, but has made exemptions for lead in DRAM modules in the past. In order to be legally sold in the EU, DRAM modules rely on the RoHS 7(c)-I exemption, which expires in 2024. Another exemption is scheduled, 7(c)-V, but it will expire in 2026. But with the rules changing every two years, long-term production schedules could be disrupted by the sudden need to replace a component that is no longer exempt. How can manufacturers avoid this problem?


The solution is simple. Apacer has developed the world’s first fully lead-free memory modules. Lead in the resistive layer is replaced by other elements and alloys. Therefore, it doesn’t rely on any RoHS exemptions. Manufacturers who source these modules will no longer have to worry about how RoHS standards may change in the future. This is particularly useful for products with long certification times and high initial costs, such as the latest AI and Edge servers currently in production. Many products in the healthcare, telecom and networking verticals are also likely to benefit. As Assistant Vice President Jessica Yin from Apacer’s Product Center commented, “Apacer’s in-house R&D team never misses a trick. In this case, they saw a pain point in the market and came up with a unique, unexpected solution.”


Apacer offers a robust, mature DRAM product suite, and the Fully Lead-Free technology can be applied to UDIMM, SODIMM, RDIMM, ECC UDIMM and ECC SODIMM form factors. These products will soon benefit from other value-adding features such as VLP, wide-temperature operation and anti-sulfuration, making Apacer’s DRAM modules suitable for more challenging applications and environments. Connected to the issues of environmental protection and sustainability, Apacer starts from the core of corporate operations and works with partners to move towards the road of sustainable development. The result is ESG-friendly products that really make an impact on customers.


So remember the four advantages of fully lead-free DRAM modules:


  1. They’re fully compliant with EU RoHS regulations, no exemptions are required.
  2. They avoid the need for re-validation when the product changes after the exemption expires.
  3. The unique selling point makes products stand out in the market.
  4. They strengthen ESG practices and enhance corporate image.


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