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Apacer has developed cutting-edge industrial storage solutions that focus on embedded security, sustainability and high capacity. They'll be on display at embedded world 2024 in Hall 1, Booth 310.


Embedded security will greatly benefit from Apacer's industrial WORM (Write Once, Read Many) drives and memory cards. On these devices, data can only be written once, preventing it from being erased, modified or overwritten. Uniquely, Apacer's WORM products support many hosts and have no hardware restrictions. Apacer WORM drives have already been successfully used in voting machines, but they also provide embedded security in the areas of finance, tax, law, medicine and cash registers. From March 2024, the series will be available in capacities from 8 to 128 GB with SD 6.1 interfaces.


Sustainability advocates will be pleased to learn that Apacer will debut the world's first completely lead-free memory module, which enables customers to use DDR5 modules without the need for re-validation when the EU RoHS Directive exemptions for lead expire in July 2024 (RoHS 7(c)-I) and July 2026 (RoHS 7(c)-V). Apacer's DDR5 4800 and 5600 series are equipped with completely lead-free resistor elements.


For critical applications, Apacer will showcase its ST180-25 high-capacity SSD series with capacities up to 16 TB. The FIPS 140-2 certified SSDs are the ideal solution for customers working with U.S. federal agencies or requiring higher security, such as healthcare, financial services, 5G infrastructure and defense.


To better serve small- and medium-sized enterprises, Apacer's enterprise SSD series offers high capacities, high performance and excellent reliability as well as low latency. Value-added technologies such as DWPD>1 (Drive Writes per Day), data encryption and power loss protection enable customers to optimize the operation of their data centers and edge servers. The series is expected to obtain the "Windows Hardware Quality Lab" and "VMware Ready" certifications in the near future.


Many other products and technologies will be on display, such as


Apacer's compact eMMCs for embedded systems

  • Offer great design flexibility for applications ranging from consumer electronics to industrial devices
  • Available in capacities from 8 to 128GB
  • Wide-temp operation is optional


CoreSnapshot 2 backup and recovery technology

  • Live demo with Allxon will showcase a complete backup and recovery cycle in seconds
  • New Auto Self Recovery initiates process automatically


CorePower (aka Power Loss Protection)

  • Now available not only for SATA interfaces but also for PCIe


Apacer's ongoing commitment to ESG has led it to develop these industry-leading technologies and products. The company has achieved silver status without any priority findings in the RBA Validated Audit Process (VAP), one of the leading standards for onsite compliance verification, with 163.1 points. This puts Apacer at the forefront of sustainability in the industry. Apacer has developed some of the products presented at embedded world according to ESG criteria. The completely lead-free DDR5 modules contribute to better environmental protection and social justice. And the WORM and FIPS products as well as the CorePower technology help customers to comply with their corporate governance policies.

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