Apacer has developed the Opaque software as a custom implementation of the TCG Opal 2.0 standard. Its accessible interface allows users to control useful security functions, such as pre-boot authorization and drive revert.




Developed by the Trusted Computing Group (TCG), the Opal Storage Specification is a set of security specifications used for applying hardware-based encryption to storage devices which feature higher performance, better security and easier management than software-based encryption.

Apacer’s efforts to protect the confidentiality of data against unauthorized access can be divided into two levels. Firstly, Apacer offers TCG Opal-compliant SSDs featuring hardware encryption. Furthermore, in the software level, a security management tool called Opaque has been developed, allowing users to manage Opal-supported devices, enable Opal 2.0 functions and configure related settings.





Opaque offers several features to manage storage devices, including running initial setup to enable TCG Opal functions, setting passwords to limit permissions to the devices, implementing power-on authentication to request the drive password at boot, assigning the state of divided locking ranges for different authorizations, and restoring the device to factory defaults by reverting all user data and settings.

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