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Our client is a leading manufacturer of surveillance and passenger information systems for modern integrated public transport networks. They focus mostly on bus and rail systems.


They approached Apacer after realizing they needed a new supplier, even though they were already in the middle of a mass production run. This meant restrictions in product type and structure were even tighter than usual. They also knew that Apacer had more than 25 years of experience developing SSDs and DRAM modules and offered a very mature suite of value-adding features. They correctly guessed that Apacer’s robust product range would contain a model that fit their extremely precise requirements.




The client has customers operating bus and rail systems in some of the most challenging environments in the developed world. So naturally they prefer to choose components that reliable and rugged enough to operate smoothly even in extremely high or low temperature environments.


Due to certain pre-existing conditions in the design, the client was only looking for drives that support PCIe interfaces with high transfer speeds. Their form factors were restricted to one type: 2230.


Solutions and Technologies


Apacer’s team set to combing through our diverse array of products to see if there was one device that would meet the client’s needs. Due to the press of time, there wasn’t an opportunity to create a customized product in this case. However, finally a suitable solution was found: the PV910-M230. The client chose to source both standard-temperature and wide-temperature SSDs, so that their customers who didn’t require wide-temperature operation would be able to economize. Those who did would still be able to enjoy years of smooth, problem-free service from devices operating in temperatures as low as -40 and as high as 85 degrees Celsius.


Results and Benefits


Apacer’s ability to respond quickly to this dynamic project impressed the client as the rest of their mass production run continued smoothly. As a result, the client kept Apacer in mind when working on their next development. Currently, they are in the process of sample testing both various high-capacity versions of Apacer’s SATA 2.5” SV240-25 SSD for an upcoming surveillance system, as well as investigating other form factors. It has been a fruitful partnership for everyone involved.