Corporate Governance Officer

On October 30, 2022, Apacer's board of directors appointed the CFO and spokesperson, Ms. Connie Lai, as the head of corporate governance, responsible for related corporate governance matters such as planning and implementing corporate governance matters, providing information required for the directors to perform their duties, assisting the directors to observe laws and regulations, and handling matters related to the Board of Directors and shareholders’ meetings in accordance with the laws.

The implementation of work in FY 2022 includes the following matters:
1. Regular arrangement of further education for directors and provision of information required for directors to perform their duties and related to the latest legal development relevant to operation of the Company to help directors observe laws and regulations.
2. Assisting with the meeting procedure of the Board of Directors and the shareholders and compliance matters of the resolutions.
3. Assisting in the communication between the independent directors, chief internal auditor and CPAs at Audit Committee meetings.
4. Maintaining investor relations.
5. Publishing important information related to the material resolutions of the Board of Directors and shareholders’ meetings in accordance with the relevant laws.
6. Arranging for the “Ethical Corporate Management Implementation Unit” to report the implementation status and plans related to the promotion of ethical management in the current year at the board meeting on December 14, 2022 to ensure the fulfillment of the Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles.
7. Arranging for the “Sustainable Development Committee” to report the implementation and results related to the Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles, the status of communication with stakeholders in the current year and the work plan for the following year at the board meeting on December 14, 2022 to ensure the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles.
8. Other matters referred to in the Articles of Incorporation or contracts.


2022 Education of Corporate Governance Officer as follows





Education hours


Taiwan Corporate Governance Association

The Business Merger and Acquisition Process: A Discussion on the Key Issues of Mergers and Acquisitions Integration



Taiwan Corporate Governance Association

Analysis of the Legal Restrictions and Decisions on the Shareholding of Directors and Supervisors



Taiwan Corporate Governance Association

Definition of and Changes to the Functions of Directors under the ESG Trends


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