Apacer SSD - UH110-UFM1 USB flash drive with SLC-liteX firmware for up to 30,000 P/E cycles


The client is a leading light in the world of audio processing. Their products are incorporated into everything from speaker systems in cinemas to home entertainment centers, tasked with keeping audio channels crystal clear and minimizing distortion and noise. They have an enduring legacy of pushing technological boundaries, and Apacer was honored to work with them.



Originally, the client had been sourcing SLC USB DOM drives from a third party. But the manufacturer of those products had issued an EOL notice. When they discovered the manufacturer could not be convinced to produce more drives, the client turned to Apacer. The challenge for Apacer was finding a fully compatible drive that met the design requirements of the ongoing production process precisely, and then supplying large orders of that product over an extended period of time. The client was asking for a slightly larger capacity for the replacement drives, and also requested greater endurance and cost-effectiveness.


Solutions and Technologies

After an extensive period of research and discussion, Apacer’s team found a product which would suit the client’s requirements. This was the UH110-UFM1 SSD. This drive offered a 32GB capacity that was nearly eight times larger than the original drive they had been sourcing. In fact, if desired, UH110-UFM1 SSDs based on SLC-liteX can deliver up to 30,000 P/E cycles. In this case, the firmware was optimized to strike the client’s precise desired balance between capacity and endurance.


Results and Benefits

Apacer’s firmware optimization team was tasked with tweaking the firmware so as to increase the endurance of the drive. The client was able to cut costs while delivering a superior product – that’s a real win-win situation. With such a productive result, the client is looking forward to future sourcing opportunities with Apacer.