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Background Introduction

The client is a world leader when it comes to the manufacturing and supply of video surveillance technology. Its cameras, recorders, storage devices, smart traffic poles and traffic signals are sourced by governments, corporations and other organizations around the world. It produces and sells everything from individual components to complete surveillance networks.



For the most part, this client can produce all the components it needs to meet the demands of the marketplace. But recently they began to receive requests for large-capacity, high-speed DDR5 ECC UDIMM modules from customers who demanded higher capacities, faster speeds and lower power consumption. So they are looking for a stable and trusted supplier who can provide ECC UDIMM modules over the long term that are exclusively made with high quality ICs sourced directly from the original manufacturers.


Solutions and Technologies

Apacer has an extremely diverse DDR5 product line, which includes the DDR5 ECC UDIMM modules this client required. Thanks to Apacer’s fixed BOM policy, the products will remain identical even over years of supply. And Apacer’s devotion to quality and in-house testing will ensure that every DDR5 module does exactly what it claims it will do. Apacer’s products last longer because they’re made with high-quality next-generation DDR5 DRAM ICs sourced directly from the original manufacturers. They’re equipped with power management ICs to more efficiently control the system’s power load. And they feature an on-die ECC error correction mechanism which carries out both error detection and correction, improving reliability greatly.


Results and Benefits

Apacer was able to provide these products to the client and meet their needs for large capacity, high speed and low power consumption. Once Apacer’s DDR5 modules were installed in the client’s products, the client’s customers noted that the visual images were significantly improved, as was the quality of the video capture and the overall speed and reliability of the video surveillance network. The client is already discussing with Apacer its potential needs for DRAM modules in the future, and both companies are looking forward to a fruitful business relationship.