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Background Introduction

Apacer was approached by a new client. This client was a system integrator focused on providing industrial PCs and IoT solutions from every stage of production, all the way from initial design to final assembly. The client is a well-known name in the industry with a diverse and enviable customer base.



The client’s customers had reported isolated cases of data loss or corruption on the storage devices currently in use. Some of these cases were traced back to abnormal losses of power supply in the automated production facilities, but this could not be completely avoided due to the circumstances involving power production in their home countries. Data corruption would inevitably lead to production downtime, which the customers could not afford, so they asked our client if there was any solution they could provide.


Solutions and Technologies

After some discussion, our engineers recommended that the client adopt one of Apacer’s newest industrial SSDs, the SV250-25. This drive is already in use in many automated production facilities around the world, and ships with certain value-adding features that our team believed would help alleviate the issues this client’s customers were experiencing.


In particular, the engineers recommended that the client make full use of Apacer’s value-adding technology known as CoreSnapshot 2. This is a real savior in the event of a system disaster. It allows users to back up their data while it’s still pristine, so that in the event of sudden power loss, a network outage, or some more severe emergency, the data on the drive can be recovered. In a few moments, all data including any OS stored on the drive will be restored to its original state, and after a simple reboot, an automated production device will be back up and running smoothly again.


Results and Benefits

The client is glad to take Apacer’s recommendations, and switched to using the SV250-25 drive, with CoreSnapshot 2 technology. There was almost immediate positive feedback from their customers, who no longer found themselves having to deal with data corruption even in the most dire circumstances. The client recently placed another order with Apacer for SV250-25 drives, and is working with our engineering team to select the ideal drive for their next automated device which is still in development.