Rich experience in product customization and independent R&D ability

Apacer has introduced advanced production equipment and perfect factory management, established a green production environment that conforms to international standards, and combined with years of experience in branding and customized production. Moreover, it has cultivated an internal professional research and development team to design the best process and equipment for customers to optimize production efficiency, capacity and quality.

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In alignment with global technology, Apacer is equipped with a fully automated and intelligent production plant. Apacer possesses advanced equipment and high-quality monitoring devices and boasts extensive experience in customized production, along with excellent R&D capabilities. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Apacer has grown into the most stable, reliable and trustworthy business partner.





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Virtual and real integration of both software and hardware to create the most intelligent production system

Connecting advanced automation equipment, mature network communications technology and manufacturing production system, Apacer is planning a set of production systems for the "smart factory" to improve production efficiency and cost competitiveness, make the production process more agile and flexible, and minimize the gap between customers' expectation and quality & services offered, thus enhancing customers' satisfaction comprehensively.



"Smart Factory" - Apacer's vision project"

Introduction to intelligent production software system

    The brand-new intelligent production software system can accurately record each process and production data and perfectly integrate with production equipment to provide a comprehensive and complete production history. The analysis of the production data collected can further refine the production measures.

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Automation and communication of production equipment

    Gradually strengthening the network communications capability of production equipment and increasing the proportion of production automation, the Company deploys an intelligent production software system to analyze the production parameters of the equipment and production management. Meanwhile, the production status is returned to the data management center for parameter correction and abnormality prevention.

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Monitoring of the manufacturing environment

    Environmental sensing equipment has been comprehensively set up in the production environment so that the conditions in the production space can be monitored and detected through intelligent technology.

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Establishment of a Function Development & Promotion Task Force

    The Task Force is to promote the smart factory concept and implement smart manufacturing in every corner of the Company.

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Intelligent green production

Focusing on three aspects, namely automation equipment, network communications technology, and manufacturing production system, Apacer aims to shape a "smart factory production system" to enhance overall production efficiency and cost competitiveness. With IoT smart sensor devices, the system can monitor and control production and storage environments, reduce quality risks, and enhance customer satisfaction. "