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With the rapid development of AI applications in various fields, enterprises are increasingly relying on data. Information security issues, such as how to ensure that data is not lost or used improperly, have become crucial. Apacer deeply understands the irreplaceability of data in enterprises. Through continuous improvement of its exclusive backup and restoration technology over the years, Apacer (8271) strives to meet the diverse situational needs of various industrial applications. This year, Apacer has launched the latest CoreRescue instant recovery technology and the new Write Once, Read Many (WORM) technology for embedded systems. The former is mainly used with multiple trigger mechanisms to activate the disaster recovery function to ensure the integrity of the original data. The latter protects data from being deleted, modified, or tampered with, and can provide strong protection for corporate data.


In the past, when customers encountered system problems with remote equipment, they had to wait for engineers to arrive on-site to deal with them. CoreRescue changes all that. The system can be automatically restarted on the spot in a few simple steps, significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime losses and greatly improving the overall operational efficiency of the enterprise. Considering that enterprises have different requirements for SSD backup and recovery methods in different application fields, the latest CoreRescue technology can activate the disaster recovery function via multiple trigger mechanisms. Currently, the CoreRescue series of products supports four major solutions: CoreRescue ASR (Auto Self Recovery), CoreRescue Button, CoreRescue USR (USB Self Recovery), and CoreRescue O.O.B. (Out-of-band). Customers can choose the most appropriate cloud or local solution for their needs. Whichever is chosen, the result will be a more efficient networked operation.


Most companies have experienced a “blue screen of death” or unexpected crash of an OS due to overheating, hard drive damage, application incompatibility, virus attacks, or some other cause. In this situation, serious problems such as data loss and damage are often unavoidable. Automated factories are particularly susceptible to this. When a machine cannot start up and operate normally, it will not only affect the overall production capacity and reduce operating efficiency, but also require a lot of manpower and time to repair. In severe cases, it may even affect the company's revenue and cause reputational damage. But now, with the multiple cloud or local rescue solutions in the CoreRescue series, there’s no need to wait for maintenance technicians to arrive at a remote site. An admin can quickly restore normal operation of the machine as soon as a problem occurs, so that the system does not shut down and the production line continues to run smoothly.


In addition to the above-mentioned problems, another common problem for enterprises is that hackers steal and tamper with data. From the ransomware attacks to deepfake videos, there is a huge crisis hidden behind the manipulation of data, which has the potential for great consequences to society and enterprises. Realizing the seriousness of this problem, Apacer's WORM technology was launched this year. It permits the volume of a drive to be written to sequentially, but only once. Once the data is written, no changes can be made. The main purpose is to prevent data from being improperly deleted, modified, overwritten, or tampered with. This technology is currently used in Apacer’s industrial-grade USB flash drives and memory cards, and has been successfully installed in voting machines. In the future, it is expected to provide embedded security for the financial, tax, legal, medical and cash register fields.


In the face of increasingly severe information security threats, improving system protection capabilities and preparing multiple contingency measures are two core principles for enterprises to operate stably. In the future, Apacer's CoreRescue and WORM series will continue to innovate in technology and support new models in line with market demands, striving to inject endless new power into enterprise system rescue and data security.






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