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Apacer has developed the technology called CoreRescue ASR (Auto Self Recovery). This allowed us to build the world's first SSD that features automatic backup and recovery, which can be triggered and completed in seconds. It uses Apacer's unique design. Thanks to AI detection and automated responses, it can to protect your data from any unforeseen loss. This is truly unmanned management.



Customer's Potential Issues

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CoreRescue ASR is designed to provide users with the highest level of data and O/S backup and recovery. It automatically monitors the status of SSD to ensure your platform is functional properly, and recovers your data when it detects a failure such as BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) and system corruption. It also carries out backup automatically. All this happens in seconds, without any user involvement. SSDs equipped with CoreRescue ASR are available in various capacities and models to meet your needs. CoreRescue ASR is the ultimate solution for data protection and reliability. It’s ready to protect your data today!



Technology Descriptions

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User Interface

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