• Becomes a worldwide enabling partner of Intel for offering FB-DIMM solutions.
  • Becomes an official sponsor of WCG ITALY 2006.
  • Wins the G-Mark International Design Award from Japan for its AH520 USB flash drive.
  • Handy Steno enhanced for Windows® VistaTM ReadyBoost.
  • Becomes the world's sixth largest branded memory maker according to DRAMeXchange 2006 Branded DRAM Module Revenue Ranking Survey.





  • Wins the SOE for its DDR2 533 UNB-DIMM, DDR 333 Micro- DIMM, Photo Steno Pro II CF Card and Share Steno CD211.
  • Voted by readers as the best brand in the USB Flash Drive category as shown in HWM & GameAxis, Malaysia 2004/2005.
  • Wins the Photokina Star Award from Photopresse and Digit for its Photo Steno Pro II.
  • Longtan plant wins international standard for environmental management systems, ISO 14001:2004.
  • Wins the G-Mark International Design Award from Japan for its HA 202 USB flash drive.





  • Introduces DDRII DRAM modules for servers ahead of competitors.
  • Wins the Gold Award from the NAOE for its Disc Steno.
  • Wins the G-Mark International Design Awards from Japan for its HT203 USB flash drive.
  • Becomes the world’s fifth largest memory maker in the iSuppli survey.





  • Introduces memory-stick-supported MP3 player in cooperation with Sony and wins the Symbol of Excellence (SOE) award.
  • Introduces the world’s first portable photo CD burner and wins the National Award of Excellence (NAOE).
  • Becomes the world’s ninth biggest flash memory maker as shown in the Dataquest survey.
  • Voted by readers as the most influential digital storage brand by PC2000 of Taiwan.
  • Becomes an official memory supplier of HP and Acer.





  • Launches strategic alliance with Sony to become the exclusive distributor of Sony Memory Stick.
  • Establishes firmware R&D team.
  • Introduces Wintel server products.





  • Founds Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai.
  • Launches strategic alliance with SST through mutual investment.
  • Introduces industrial-grade memory modules.


  • Founds Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo.
  • Launches into a strategic alliance with IBM to accelerate DDR memory module enabling.
  • Targets the assembly PC market and is an early market leader for DDR PC2100 DRAM modules.


  • Becomes the world's fourth biggest memory module maker in Dataquest survey.
  • Introduces flash memory product line.


  • Introduces DRAM modules that comply with Intel PC 100 ahead of competitors.
  • Produces RIMM products in cooperation with Rambus.
  • Establishes the Longtan, Taiwan plant and Dutch subsidiary.


  • Apacer Technology Inc. and US subsidiary founded.
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