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With the advancement of technology, ticketing automation is a common sight in modern cities. Especially when buying tickets for public transportation, traces of ticketing automation can be seen in almost all cases. This technology not only responds to the current ESG wave and replaces paper with digital to reduce waste, it also provides end consumers with a better user experience, and enables service providers to improve execution efficiency, save costs, and remain operational 24 hours a day.


The client who cooperates with Apacer Technology this time is a ticketing automation system integrator, specializing in providing ticketing automation system solutions for local or public railways. For the operation of the ticketing automation system, ensuring the stability of the system is one of the most crucial factors. Apacer can provide high-quality, highly stable SSDs that meet their needs, providing clients with the best solutions.



In order for the ticketing automation system to run smoothly, the SSD configured in the integrated system must have a large storage capacity and excellent stability to remain operation for extended periods of time. However, the client faced sudden crashes when using other brands of SSDs. Therefore, in order to improve this problem and ensure that the system has higher stability in subsequent execution, the client then started to look for a memory module suppliers that can provide devices that meet their specifications and quality requirements.


Solutions and Technologies 

Apacer's professional technical team analyzed that the usage environment of the client’s system. They quickly determined that higher than expected operating temperatures were affecting the performance of SSDs. They recommended that the client purchase Apacer SSDs with wide-temperature operation. This meant that the SSDs would function properly in temperatures as low as -40 and as high as 85 degrees Celsius.


Results and Benefits

The wide-temperature SSDs did the trick, and the client’s system ran smoothly during hours of intensive testing when Apacer SSDs were installed. Thankful for the improvement, the client is considering other Apacer SSDs with value-adding technologies for their next product in development. It looks like the beginning of a mutually beneficial relationship.