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Background Introduction

The customer is an extremely well known manufacturer in the casino gaming industry and has a very established position in the market. They focus mostly on creating slot machine games as well as casino gaming management systems. Many of their end-users have gotten used to using CFast cards for storing casino gaming machine operating systems as well as other content related to gaming.



They’ve run into problems, however, when a CFast card is removed from a gaming machine and connected to a laptop to inspect the data. In some situations, either the OS or the other data could become corrupted. The loss of gaming data is very painful for these end-users, so our customer is hoping to offer them a better solution.


Another issue is that the end-users want their data to remain perfectly secure. They do not want any third party to be able to modify the data stored on the CFast cards, whether that’s intentionally or unintentionally.


Solutions and Technologies

Apacer has been a trusted supplier to this manufacturer for many years, and they have confidence in our ability to customize existing products from our product line to meet their exact needs. They specifically asked us to provide CFast cards with more P/E cycles, giving the products greater longevity and adding value for end-users.  In order to remove the possibility of data corruption, we recommended that this customer purchase our top-of-the-line SH250-CFast series of memory cards. These are made exclusively with high-grade ICs sourced directly from the original manufacturers. And thanks to our carefully tweaked firmware, these cards will operate smoothly and preserve data even when connected to a variety of different computers and operating systems.


The SH250-CFast cards are powered by Apacer’s SLC-liteX technology and provide up to 100K P/E cycles. This helps customers get the best value for their money when considering the tradeoff between storage capacity and P/E cycles. It has given these products greater longevity when compared to similar memory cards on the market. We also recommended that the customer make full use of Apacer’s Write Protect technology. When this is enabled, write operations to the cards become impossible, reducing the chance of data being modified to nil.


Results and Benefits

In the end, the customer was extremely pleased with how popular these cards quickly became with their buyers. The larger number of P/E cycles became a focal USP for them. They are currently consulting with our R&D team on another customized project expected in the near future.