microSD Card

microSDXC UHS-I U3 V30 A1 Gaming Card

microSD Card

microSDXC UHS-I U3 V30 A1 Gaming Card

  • Complies with SD Association's latest Application Performance Class A1 certification
  • Complies with SD Association's latest UHS Video Speed Class 30 (V30) standard
  • Supports 4K Ultra HD, 3D video recording, and high-speed continuous shooting
  • Rapid data transfer up to 100MB/s
  • Guards valuable memories with multiple protections
  • Ideal for use with handheld game consoles
Greater Compatibility, Greater Fun

The microSDXC UHS-I U3 V30 A1 dedicated gaming card is 100% compatible with handheld game consoles. It can easily expand available storage space, unlocking unlimited entertainment!

Never Freeze Up Again

Apacer’s gaming card is specially designed for hardcore gamers. The reading speed can reach up to 100MB per second, and the writing speed can reach up to 80MB per second. No more stuck screens – battle as long as you like!

Optimized for a Mobile Lifestyle

Specifically optimized for mobile devices, it shortens startup times and provides better random read/write performance. Now you can switch between apps and games in just a moment.

Multiple Capacity Options

There are four large-capacity options: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB. Flexibility lets players decide how space they need, and you can always expand with a second card if necessary.

High Writing Speed

The V30 A1 memory card complies with SD Association’s latest UHS Video Speed Class 30 (V30) standards. It writes with a minimum speed of 30MB/s, supporting 4K Ultra HD, 3D videos, and burst mode.

Smooth Recording

Compared to conventional memory cards, Apacer’s Video Speed Class card offers a more stable write speed to ensure uninterrupted smoothness during shooting, without problems such as drop frame or data loss. It is suitable for devices that captures continuous images, such as drones, sports cameras, 360-degree cameras.

Multiple Protections

Apacer V30 A1 gaming card passes waterproof, shockproof, magnet proof, X-ray proof, and temperature proof tests and functions even in the harshest environments. Equipped with write-protect and error-correcting code (ECC) features, V30 A1 provides the most robust protection for your valuable game data.

  • Product Name
    microSDXC UHS-I U3 V30 A1 Gaming Card
  • Capacity
  • Performance
    UHS Speed : Class 3
    Speed Class : Class 10
    Video Speed Class : V30
    Maximum Reading Speed : Up to 100 MB/s
    Maximum Writing Speed : Up to 80 MB/s
    *Based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending upon host device interface, usage conditions and other factors.
  • Dimensions
    15 x 11 x 1 mm
  • Certificate
  • Warranty
    5 years limited warranty

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