Standard Memory Module

DDR5 Notebook Memory Module

Standard Memory Module

DDR5 Notebook Memory Module

  • Blazing fast 4800MHz frequency
  • 1.1V operating voltage for greater efficiency
  • Use JEDEC-certified power management IC (PMIC), creating more stable power supply
  • Support on-die ECC for greater stability
A Quick Way To Upgrade to 4800MHz Ultra-high Frequency

The frequency of DDR5 memory is as high as 4800MHz, which increases the bandwidth by 50% compared with DDR4 3200MHz, greatly improving the data transmission efficiency of the computer system.

1.1V Operating Voltage Saves Energy

The standard operating voltage is reduced from the 1.2V of DDR4 to just 1.1V, and the power saving efficiency is increased by 8%, which can effectively reduce power consumption in a notebook and prolong battery life. In addition, in order to reduce noise interference, Apacer strictly selects JEDEC-certified power management ICs from major international manufacturers to deliver stable power at all times.

Double the Capacity Multi-task Without Lag

The number of DDR5 banks is double that of DDR4, and the capacity of a single bank starts from 8GB, and can support up to 128GB in a single bank. This provides larger memory capacity, allowing the computer to perform multitasking operations without lagging, and greatly improving operating efficiency and storage performance.

Supports On-die ECC For Greater Stability

DDR5 supports on-die ECC error correction, which can automatically calculate and correct data errors in memory, improve system stability and data accuracy, and provide greater stability and reliability in the system.

Leave DDR4 Behind, Embrace Extreme Performance

DDR5 SO-DIMM memory has been significantly improved in performance, capacity, stability and power saving efficiency, providing a smoother experience for notebook users.

  • Product Name
    DDR5 Notebook Memory Module
  • Memory Technology
  • Desktop/Laptop Memory
    Laptop Memory
  • Capacity
  • Frequency
  • Voltage
  • Cas Latency
  • PIN
  • Module Height
    30.00mm/ 1.181 inch
  • Package
    Single Channel Package
  • Certificate
  • Warranty
    3 Years

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