Apacer is with you

Adhering to the brand core value of "Delivering on Our Promise, Constant Improvement, Mutually Beneficial," Apacer demonstrates the spirit of "Becoming better partners" and promotes the "Apacer is with you" project in line with local NGO organizations. Apacer also cares for the disadvantaged elderly to enhance its impact of local caring.



 2022 "Apacer is with you" - Raising second-hand toys in a big way

Colleagues were invited to donate toys they no longer needed (excluding items that could not be donated, such as fluff dolls and textbooks). In just one week, children's toy cars, Legos, learning materials, etc., were collected and donated to the New Taipei City Toy Bank. 


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2022 "Apacer is with you" - Donation of electronic products

Apacer donated electronic products worth more than NT$150,000, including flash drives, cables, and SSDs, to three social welfare organizations for their activities. 


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Local Care

Apacer has been promoting the "Green Cultivation Plan" since 2015, inviting employees to implement energy efficiency, carbon reduction and a plant-based lifestyle. Meanwhile, the Company launched the "One Day Volunteer" activity from 2016 to 2019. Through employees' actions in cleaning the mountain to maintain the ecological environment of Tucheng jointly, the Company has deepened its roots in the local communities in terms of influence and scale. However, due to the impact of the COVID epidemic in recent years, the external activities for the Company's employees have been suspended for their health concerns. We are running the "Apacer is with you" project to assist local communities or charitable organizations through more diversified methods."


Green Cultivation Plan: The accumulated number of participants is 586. Please refer to the table below for the complete record. 


Apacer - Results of the Green Cultivation Plan over the years

2015 Empowerment

Taiwan Energy-Saving Patrol conducts on-site diagnosis for carbon reduction and plant-based diets month.

  • A total of five lectures were held, and 218 employees joined. Nearly 60% of the employees agreed that "the activity enhances one's motivation to choose plant-based diets."

Green family day

  • A total of 48 employees and their family members participated, and all interviewed participants agreed that "the activity inspired more energy-saving and environmental-friendly daily habits"

2016  Action

Apacer One-Day Volunteer

  • A total of 34 employees and their family members participated, and all interviewed participants agreed that they are “ willing to continue to join enterprise volunteer activities in the future”

Deep participation

Apacer One-Day Volunteer

  • A total of 42 employees and their family members participated, and the satisfaction of those who participated was 100%. 

Carbon reduction and plant-based day

  • An energy soup and plant-based diets experiential lecture was held, and a total of 60 employees participated.

2018 Innovative plans

Apacer One-Day Volunteer

  • A total of 42 employees and their family members participated, and the satisfaction with the ecological docent of the one-day volunteer activity reached 97.6%. Apacer has been cooperating with the New Taipei City Tucheng Landscape Protection Association for 3 consecutive years and has established a network connecting local groups.

  • Implemented innovative planning, organizing an exhibition on the first floor combining tung flowers and fireflies as the main theme, which gained outstanding positive feedback

Family DIY Plant-based Spring Roll

  • Hold the Family DIY Plant-based Spring Roll activities to encourage employees to have a healthy diet and life. A total of 45 employees participated.


Continuous devotion

Apacer One-Day Volunteer

  • A total of 37 employees and family members participated.


  • The theme of this year was to remove alien species, with an ecological knowledge tour to see the fireflies.


  • The Abbot of Shanshi Temple strongly supported Apacer to hold similar activities continuously to safeguard ecological balance.

2020 Expanding participation

Family DIY Plant-based Spring Roll

  • Cooperated with Jingwen University of Science and Technology – Jingwen's Local Xidian-Wulai Industrial Social Responsibility Project to promote the concept of natural vegetables. A total of 60 employees participated.





















Apacer is with you


Historical achievements


Apacer is with you

  • Uniform invoice lottery raising: A total of 594 invoices were donated as of the end of January 2022


  • Supplies donation: A batch of adult diapers and masks

    New Year's dinner raising: A total of 78 persons participated, and 168 sets of new year's dinners were delivered


  • Red envelope charity sale: NT$ 81,696


Happy Plant-based Diet

  • 40 participants experienced the fun of plant-based diets

Apacer is with you

  • Material donation: Donated approximately 150,000 worth of electronic products to three charitable organizations.


  • Toy donation: Donated second-hand toys and books to the New Taipei City Toy Bank.


  • Subscription of 20 kilograms of non-toxic coffee beans worth NT$ 60,000.


Happy Plant-based Diet

  • The event for that year was canceled due to the spread of the pandemic.