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Dec 21, 2020 Taipei, Taiwan - ZADAK, a leading provider of PC enthusiast components, has been awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award 2021 for the innovative design and craftsmanship of the MOAB II Elite, a compact built-in water cooled chassis. This marks the first time that ZADAK has received this prestigious award under the category of Water-Cooled PC Case.


“We are extremely proud of our team for achieving this milestone as we challenged ourselves to go beyond our usual business and stepped into a completely new market. The ZADAK MOAB II Elite is the industry’s first small form factor mATX case with built-in water cooling, and a commanding statement for our company.” David Lin, Director at ZADAK.


The MOAB II ELITE is a next-gen water-cooled compact open PC case (311mm x 193mm x 371mm), built around a patented (no. TWI700981) modularized water cooled structure including a shiftable block, CNC-milled aluminum water distribution plate and an adjustable water block. The distribution plate is meticulously designed and manufactured with built-in water channels to reduce unnecessary tubing for a clean build. The MOAB II ELITE can host graphics cards of up to 280mm in length and most m-ATX motherboards. Other notable features include the world’s first capacitive touch switch for powering on/off, a digital display providing real-time water temperature measurements, and a customizable ARGB accent lighting.


ZADAK’s active support in Taiwan’s Universities

ZADAK has been an avid supporter of university programs in Taiwan. Just as recent as November 23-27, ZADAK sponsored a get-together for the department of Computer Science and Information Engineering of National Taiwan University students with prize sponsorships for the annual event.


Also, ZADAK is one of the main sponsors for the Tatung University E-sports Club’s 5th League of Legends tournament, where students will compete in 5-on-5 and 1-on-1 matches to win prizes and swags from ZADAK. The final matches will be held on December 13, 2020. For more details, check on Facebook at https://ww.facebook.com/ttuesports/

At ZADAK, we take on great pride in supporting schools and students’ gaming events, and we are looking forward to joining future ones. If your school or student association is planning a gaming event, make sure to get in touch with us!


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