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Apacer, a leading manufacturer of digital storage solutions, announced today that it is optimistic about the development prospects of "Make in India" and has partnered with local professional Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). The first batch of products made in India will be mass-produced and shipped this month. This makes Apacer the first manufacturer from Taiwan to introduce a full range of DRAM module products into "Make in India." In the initial stage, it will aim at meeting the needs of local customers. In addition to personal computer and workstation applications, the partnership will also target potential growth areas such as servers, industrial computers, rugged devices, transportation systems, and network communications. The Indian subsidiary will continue to develop the market, hoping to expand the scope of "Make in India."


Apacer’s president, C. K. Chang, said, “Apacer established an Indian subsidiary in 2007, and has been deeply involved in the industrial market for a long time, providing design-in, technical support, and local customer relationship maintenance. Over the years, we’ve earned an excellent service reputation. And India has a huge labor force: the full potential of this force has yet to be released. Apacer is looking forward to building lasting relationships with the top echelon of India’s emerging manufacturing powerhouses. With the successive entry and development of many international manufacturers, production experience has been gradually established. This has demonstrated the high value of the industrial settlement effect. The Indian government has been actively building the national brand image of ‘Make in India’ in recent years. In addition to optimizing local infrastructure, it has also established many policies to attract investment from Taiwan. Coupled with various factors such as a large number of scientific and technological talents, Apacer chose to promote ‘Make in India.’”


In the past, international impressions of "Make in India" were mixed, but President Chang is confident that through the technology transfer model, memory module products and value-added services that meet industrial-grade requirements can be provided, transforming "Make in India" into a well-respected brand. He also mentioned that the global economic development trend has changed rapidly in recent years, and Apacer hopes to use this opportunity to deepen the commercial connection with partners and customers and expand operational efficiency. “At present,” he concluded, “the production capacity of DRAM has been realised and delivered, and the mass production plan of SSD products is also underway. In the future, local manufacturing business opportunities will continue to develop, becoming one of Apacer's growth drivers.”

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