[May 30, 2024, Taipei News]

COMPUTEX is approaching, and memory module manufacturer Apacer (8271) will exhibit its latest industrial solutions and consumer storage products, including DDR5 for AI servers, various types of SSDs for edge servers, and CoreSnapshot 3, an instant backup and recovery technology. Also on display will be magnetic SSDs and high-speed Gen5 products, as well as ChLCD ePaper devices that are friendly to both the earth and the eye. Apacer welcomes the advent of the AI and sustainability era with its diversified product layout, and invites international guests to experience it in person at the Splendor Ballroom on the third floor of Grande Luxe Banquet.


Apacer’s exhibition theme for the year is “Store. Sustain. Succeed.” Three simple words that convey a powerful plan, and a promise. The exhibition uses situational display planning to allow visitors to experience Apacer's influence in various fields through the application of Apacer products in scenes from daily life. In addition, in response to the recent wave of AI development, CAMM2, DDR5-6400 UDIMM and SODIMM DRAM modules specially designed for AI PCs have been launched. For the high computing requirements of AI servers, DDR5 MRDIMM and DDR5 CXL DRAM modules will be displayed. At the same time, Apacer’s partners Phison (8299) and DeepMentor will present the Mentor-100 AI server equipped with Phison’s patented aiDAPTIV+ solution. This collaboration will accelerate the implementation of AI applications and contribute to the growth of the worldwide product ecosystem.


In response to the data backup and rescue issues that may be required by AI applications, Apacer has developed the CoreSnapshot Series and CoreRescue technology. When a blue screen of death occurs in a networked device, the system can be quickly restarted even if maintenance personnel are not on site. As for the AI needs of edge computing, Apacer launched 64GB DDR5 UDIMM and SODIMM high-density DRAM modules, as well as DRAM modules that can withstand extreme temperatures and sulfur-contaminated environments. Demonstrations will also include rugged DRAM module retention straps suitable for high-vibration applications.


AI will drive the storage demand for enterprise-class servers in the future. Apacer has four major competitive advantages: large capacities up to 30TB, high performance, low latency, and high reliability. These are coupled with the additional functions of data encryption and power outage protection. Other products showcased this year will include the world's first single-chip controller solution, the USB4 external SSD, a Gen5 x4 4TB SSD with read/write performance up to 14,000/12,000 MB/s, and the military-standard drop-certified AS723 external SSD. There’s also the fully lead-free DDR5 DRAM modules launched in response to the sustainability trend, a Flash drive made of 30% PCR recycled environmentally friendly plastic, the much-anticipated ChLCD ePaper display, and an SSD with a heat-recycling diffuser for aromatherapy.


Apacer CEO C. K. Chang said that as memory specifications move towards AI applications, there are many new products worth looking forward to at this exhibition, such as DDR5 CXL (Compute Express Link) and CAMM2 (Compression Attached Memory Modules) that comply with the new JEDEC standard. These innovations will make visiting customers’ eyes light up! Recently, as original Flash manufacturers increase prices, coupled with this wave of AI developments, customers who still have inventory in the first half of the year are expected to start preparing to buy goods in the third quarter, which is expected to drive sales in the second half of the year.


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