The annual exhibition is fleeting, we’re sure you haven’t fully expressed it yet!

Let’s take a look back to the four day exhibition~~

Here comes to the one that we can’t be more familiar with—-Exhibition Guiding🚩


📌One Stop for Digital Creators

First of all, let’s put our attention on our DIGITAL FILMING area📸

Here provides all filming lovers a high speed, high capability memory card which they need. 

Allows them to record every single wonderful  moment without any limits.

Let’s take a glance at the highlight product of this area—-CF express Card🌟


📌Committed to Sustainability

3R, is something we can’t be more familiar with.

However, what Apacer focuses on this time is “3S”----Store.Sustain.Succeed.

Sustainability is a goal we keep working hard for through the years.

Instead of using eco-friendly packaging, Apacer owns the world’s first recycle-designed SSD diffuser for aromatherapy♻️

Let’s flagrantly protect the Earth together🌷


📌AI is In the Air

AI—-the most cutting edge and popular topic in 2024.

Apacer is also fully-prepared with a bunch of products and technology for your visit.

💡DDR5 MRDIMM and DDR5 CXL DRAM modules for AI servers

💡CAMM2, DDR5-6400 UDIMM and SODIMM DRAM modules, specially designed for AI PCs

💡Mentor-100 AI server equipped with Phison’s patented aiDAPTIV+ solution, which is a collaboration with our partners Phison (8299) and DeepMentor.



Just a blink of an eye, Apacer’s annual exhibition ended🎊

Thanks for your participation, letting the event go more smoothly.

Of course, there’s much more products that haven't shown up yet. 

Therefore, if you want to get more information, just contact us anytime!

Last but not least, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR~~

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