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As generative AI business opportunities explode, Apacer (8271) will collaborate with Phison (8299) and AI startup DeepMentor to launch storage and memory modules and customized value-added services for AI servers. President of Apacer, C. K. Chang, commented that “In the face of this wave of AI business opportunities, Apacer will adopt Phison's AI artificial intelligence computing service solution aiDAPTIV+ in the near future. We intend to develop value-added technical services for AI SSDs and AI edge computing servers based on its computing architecture. Because the actual application scenarios of design-in customers are varied, if there are value-added technologies developed by Apacer, such as cooling, extending reading and writing life, or a complete set of AI service solutions such as cloud management, customers can enjoy the convenience of AI solutions while having more customized options. This helps us better meet the needs of edge computing system integrators for AI applications.”


K. S. Pua, CEO of Phison, also commented: “AI applications must be widely and rapidly popularized, and resolving the initial pain points of small and medium-sized enterprises is the key. Phison's latest innovative AI computing service solution, aiDAPTIV+, allows for the integration of their AI SSDs with Apacer's DRAM modules. Paired with AI servers, it can effectively reduce investment for AI application customers or enterprises with AI implementation computing needs, as well as AI service hardware construction costs. In addition, Phison's aiDAPTIV+ is also completely integrated into Apacer's AOI system. It is believed that Apacer's AI+AOI customized system services will effectively help upgrade the industrial automation industry.”


DeepMentor Technology CEO Jack Wu stated that “the Mentor Series GenAI training workstation, a complete software and hardware solution equipped with Phison aiDAPTIV+ technology and Apacer memory module solutions, is expected to help Apacer implement various AI applications and then build an internal AI knowledge management system. This not only means that Apacer's storage and memory modules are suitable for AI application computing, but in the future, these AI integration technology services can also be used to assist Apacer's global partners and customers through customized methods to jointly enhance market growth.


In addition to storage and memory modules and customized value-added technologies used in AI, Apacer has recently also actively entered the AI+AOI optical inspection equipment market. President Chang emphasized that Apacer previously provided customized AOI optical inspection services, but now, after integrating Phison's aiDAPTIV+ AOI technology, Apacer can design interpretation modules that meet market demands and accumulate large amounts of image interpretation data. AI machine learning determines defects and continuously optimizes the process to improve the pass rate. For automated equipment factories such as electronic manufacturing, the panel industry, biotech pharmaceutical factories, semiconductors, and food and beverage preparation, it can significantly reduce labor re-inspection costs and improve production efficiency. The main goal is providing the best solution for the intelligent transformation to Industry 4.0.”


Looking forward to 2024, President Chang said he was optimistic about the business opportunities of AI applications. Considering the current shortage of AI accelerator cards and mid- to high-end GPU chips, accompanied as it is by high construction costs, the key is finding a way to allow enterprises to painlessly enter AI computing, and ultimately accelerate the growth of AI. “Apacer has launched two new products,” he concluded, “the AI SSD value-added service that meets the needs of edge computing, and the customized intelligent optical inspection system, which is targeting SI (system integrator) customers and manufacturers and using AI solutions to roll out high-speed growth.”


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Caption: Seizing AI business opportunities, Apacer promotes AI value-added technology and focuses on customized solutions.




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