Environment Care

Environmental, Health and Safety Commitment

Apacer aims to create a wonderful working environment and fulfill its social responsibilities. “Legal compliance, pollution prevention, participation in consultation, risk control, green design, continuous improvement, and environmentally friendly” are core values when it comes to Apacer's policies on environmental protection, health & safety, and energy management. Apacer provides all necessary resources and conducts regular reviews to ensure the achievement of ESH and energy goals.

  • Legal compliance: Alignment with laws and regulations, execution of relevant requirements.
  • Pollution prevention: Promotion of resource recycling, realization of energy conservation and carbon reduction.
  • Participation in consultation: Encourage consultation and communication to increase awareness of personal responsibilities.
  • Risk control: Predict hazards and risks to reduce the impact on health & safety.
  • Green design: Promote environmentally friendly designs and green procurement.
  • Continuous improvement: Fulfillment of social responsibilities and continuous improvement of performance.
  • Environmentally friendly: Focus on health & safety to prevent occupational injuries and diseases.

Green Manufacture and Products

Environmental Management System

By implementing the ISO 14001 environmental management system and the HSPM QC 080000 hazardous substances process management system, we aim to reduce our environmental impact and pollution of products and processes through organized management.

HSF Management

By restricting hazardous substances with reference to the EU RoHS and REACH in material procurement and manufacturing, we aim to minimize environmental impacts and protect human health in conformity with the highest standards.

Green Product Design

By implementing green management and green design of products with regard to the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and the raw material and packaging material reduction program, we aim to minimize the resource consumption of our products.

Emissions Reduction and Energy Management

At Apacer, over 99% of emissions are indirect GHG emissions. To effectively reduce GHG emissions, we implemented an energy management system to identify sources of significant energy use and find opportunities for improvement. Through the energy management system promotion team, we unite the strength of all departments in order to implement an environmental policy for energy conservation and waste reduction. 

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