Community Engagement

Local Participation

Apacer’s commitments to local communities include communication, giving back, and action. By working with employees to connect with communities and groups and address local needs with real actions, we aim to build a happy and welcoming environmant. During the 2016 Tung Blossom Festival, we invited employees and their families to enjoy the tung flowers in Tung Blossom Park in Tucheng and participated in the mountain cleanup service with the Tucheng District Office and Landscape Protection Association, with Apacer employees stepping up as“volunteers”for the day. We worked to protect nature while cultivating a local connection and positivity in employees.

Support for Sports

In order to give back to the community, we started long-term cooperation with New Taipei City Yulin Junior High School in 2015. Through on-site inspections and interviews, we discovered the needs of the school's track and field team and funded new equipment for all 30 team members. Members of the school team thoughtfully made cards and videos as thanks for the new uniforms. In the future, we will continue to support the school's track and field team with the aim of cultivating more sports talents for Taiwan, of passing on the team's spirit, and of making it possible for children to fulfill their dreams in the sport.

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