Happy Workplace

Work Environment Safety

In 2020, Apacer received certification for the ISO 45001, occupational health and safety management system and established the Occupational Safety and Health Committee to practice occupational safety and health management, with a focus on the following four aspects:

  • Disaster Prevention and Management
    We aim to minimize the scope of hazards by establishing safety and health management programs or risk control measures; implementing safety and health education and training plans; conducting unplanned IPQC of plant operating environment; and establishing incident-specific emergency response teams.
  • Work Environment Test
    We aim to protect employee health by coordinating with  qualified testing organizations to evaluate the work environment and taking immediate corrective actions for any nonconformities detected.
  • Occupational Safety Control
    We aim to ensure occupational safety for employees by implementing special work control and work permit systems and conducting self-inspections according to  the law, as well as by requesting employees wear personal protective equipment (PPE) while in operation.
  • Health Management
    We aim to implement graded health management by arranging special health examination items for employees whose work involves the use of hazardous substances, such as ionizing radiation and organic solvents.

Talent Cultivation

Career Development
  • We encourage employees to enrich and sharpen their professional competencies through comprehensive channels, such as internal education and training courses, job and department rotation, external license or permit training programs, and short-term training programs.
  • We respect our employees' personal growth and career planning. Every year, we work with them to set personal annual development plans and KPIs.
  • Our reward, punishment, and promotion system is designed based on the performance evaluation results, effectively linking performance evaluations with rewards and the development planning of each individual.
2018 Education and Training Statistics
  • Course
  • Attendees
  • Training hours
Orientation Training
General Employee Training
Junior Officer Training
Elite Training
External Professional Training

Employee Care


We set pay standards based on the salary survey report provided by professional consultants to ensure competitive salaries.


Apacer employees enjoy allowances for marriage, childcare, and travel; annual health examinations; a leave policy superior to that of the Labor Standards Act; and other benefits.

Communication Channel

We follow the Employee Grievance Handling Regulations and the Workplace Sexual Harassment Grievance and Punishment Regulations and periodically hold labor-management coordination meetings where employees are able to fully express their opinions.

Friendly Workplace

At Apacer's headquarters, we maintain employee lounges and reading areas, as well as clean breastfeeding rooms, allowing employees to work in a comfortable and welcoming space.

Exercise Workplace

In the employee lounge on the first floor of our headquarters, we have spinning bikes, core trainer exerciser, and foosball. In 2016, we activated the “Let's Roll” exercise project for seed coaches and other employees to lead the Wednesday“nine-minute health exercise.”We also invited aerobic star Eddie Pan to be our guest in encouraging employees to exercise healthily every day.


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