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Apacer Pro II AS202 SSD Builds a New Performance Standard for Entry-level SSDs Featuring an ultimate Read/Write speed as high as 230/180 MB/sec for stutter–free operation

(Taipei) Apacer —the leading brand in solid state drive (SSD)— today rolls out the new-generation Apacer Pro II AS202 SSD featuring the patented structure. Available in capacity of up to 256GB with ultimate read/write speed as high as 230MB/180MB per second, it pushes the envelope of entry-level SSD and revolutionizes its market by delivering a performance close to top-level SSD products!

Apacer innovatively adopts a patented structure which enables AS202 to easily deliver smooth, stutter-free read/write performance of 230MB/sec without a cache, thereby achieving an extreme, doubled speed for all users. The Windows 7 TRIM-support AS202 has built-in 14/28 bit ECC (error checking and correction) technologies as well as global wear-leveling function for guaranteed high efficiency, high stability and longevity.

AS202 SSD boasts a 1500G shock resistance, which is 5 times traditional hard drives. This free-of-mechanic structure (motor, magnetic head) SSD uses a solid sate semiconductor without undermining data even on the go. Its yet another advantages include shock resistance, noiseless and low power consuming—which make it the best alternative option for traditional hard disks. Apacer also takes the lead in offering SSD+optimizer upgrade kit that perfectly fit AS202 into any laptop or desktop computer. The resultant super speedy read/write performance means accelerated system boot-up and application start-up — both can be done now in just seconds!

A New Era when SSDs are to prevail!

Complete lineups include Entry-level and Top-level Models, all Gearing Up for Market Battles

“More than 10 millions of Apacer’s SSDs have been shipped in the world. Apacer’s continuous investments in the development of innovative technologies have helped popularize the SSD, making it the key to breaking the bottleneck of computer performance!” Apacer indicated, “We introduce the entry-level AS202 following the friendly-price for the first generation Pro Series SSD: A7201. Embedded with the patented technology, the performance of AS202 can catch up the top-level models of other brands. And with the exclusive upgrade kit, desktop users can be benefited from pacer SSD's exceptional efficiency.”

Patented Structure for an Ultimate 230MB Read/write Speed

AS202 uses brand new controlled IC, a patented structure and 8-channel sync transmission mode, simplify the internal structure, increase the transmission efficiency, and reduce the power consumption to run at 230MB/sec for sequential reading and smooth read/write action without freezing or stutter.

Apacer has recently announced that its lineups are all compatible with Windows 7. That means the new-generation ProII series requires no firmware update, thus perfectly exerting the advantage of Windows 7 Trim optimization. Trim optimization can effectively reduce the operation time of SSD block management and optimize the utilization of each block. The 14/28 bit ECC (error checking and correction) and global wear-leveling technologies built in Apacer AS202 SSD can significantly enhance the reliability and prolong the life expectancy of SDD products.

Exclusive SSD+ Optimizer Upgrade Kit for Laptops and Desktops

Apacer ProII SSD-- AS202 adopts SATA II 3.0Gb/s interface and is available in capacities from 32GB, 64GB, 128GB to 256GB. It is the best choice for systems, applications and high-speed RAID settings. Apacer’s exclusive SSD+ Optimizer upgrade kit freshly includes a 2.5”-to-3.5” adapter bracket, which enables the users of desktop computers to experience the high-speed processing provided by AS202.

In response to the popularity of Windows 7, Apacer also upgrades Acronis True Image HD backup software in the kit to ensure the compatibility with Windows 7. For laptop users, using the USB-to-SATA adapter, users can easily back up the system onto AS202 SSD and eliminate the lengthy process of system re-installation by changing the hard drive and re-booting the system with the same environment and multiplied read speed! The replaced hard drive can serve as an external drive when used with the shockproof silicone cover and the USD-to-SATA adapter — which is a double advantage for users.

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