Sustainable Operations

Business Ethics and Integrity

Apacer holds legal compliance as the foundation for corporate ethics and integrity. Each global business location abides by local laws and regulations. To ensure legal compliance and to avoid conflicts of interest, we have established the “Ethical Corporate Management Best Practice Principles” and the “Code of Ethical Conduct” and continuously keep track of policies and regulations that may affect business and financial operations, allowing us to conduct business activities based on ethical, integral, fair, and transparent principles.
We have additionally established an audit office with dedicated personnel to faithfully assess the effectiveness and reasonableness of internal control compliance. To proactively prevent unethical behaviors in business operations, we have also established a grievance mechanism for employees to report non-compliance with the company's financial, legal, policy, and ethical standards, as well as corruption in any form.

Governance Organization

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BOD) of Apacer has seven seats. Using their expertise and experience, two independent directors make recommendations for the company’s annual business plan, financial planning, establishment or amendment of the internal control system, global deployment strategy, and other important resolutions made by the annual general meeting (AGM) of shareholders. The BOD fully considers the opinions of independent directors when supervising organizational strategies.

Compensation Committee

Apacer officially established the Compensation Committee in 2012 to strengthen the BOD’s supervision responsibility and management mechanism. The committee consists of three members, including two independent directors, and is chaired by one independent director. The committee assists the BOD on establishing and periodically assessing the performance of directors and managerial officers, as well as the policy, system, evaluation criteria, standard, and structure of salary and remuneration.

Audit Office

Apacer has established a rigorous internal audit system and an audit office with dedicated personnel to inspect and assess the internal controls of organizational operating procedures. The office also reports the suitability, effectiveness, and efficiency of the design and routine practice of such controls. The scope of audit covers Apacer and its subsidiaries.

CSR Committee

To address global sustainability trends and risks, as well as to implement sustainable enterprise operations, Apacer established the CSR Committee in 2015. With the chairman as the committee chief and the president as the secretary-general, the CSR Committee implements overall CSR strategies and actions in a top-down manner. The CSR Committee consists of five working groups: governance, employee care, customer & supplier care, environmental care, and community care. Each working group is made up of Apacer employees and plans suitable CSR actions based on Apacer’s core business using the expertise of individual group members. These members also prepare the annual CSR report. The secretariat of the committee plans and implements cross-department communication and coordination, and the committee holds a quarterly meeting to follow up on the progress of each CSR project.

CSR Policy

Message from the Chairman
With perseverance and persistence, Apacer has won the trust of both employees and the public by maintaining down-to-earth, ethical operations. Over the past decades, we have upheld the idea of “spending what is taken from society on society.”By implementing this concept in our work and focusing on the people while making continuous improvements, we aim to enhance organizational competitiveness and adhere to CSR for the sustainable development of the organization and the environment.
Promoting CSR
Apacer establishes the CSR Committee with the chairman as the committee chief, the president as the secretary-general, and the Sales Department as the committee secretariat to plan CSR activities and periodically follow up on the implementation of Apacer’s CSR policy by various working groups.
Environment Sustainable Development Policy
Green design and manufacture: In addition to implementing the green design policy to reduce our environmental impact, we comply with the EU’s RoHS and relevant international regulations and abide by the RBA code of conduct and international standards in procurement and production in order to connect with the world. Green design and manufacture: Apart from implementing the green design policy to reduce environmental impacts, we comply with the EU’s RoHS and relevant international regulations and abide by the RBA code of conduct and international standards in procurement and production in order to connect with the world.

ESH policy: We promise to abide by international conventions and domestic environment, safety, and health (ESH) regulations, avoid using hazardous substances, and reduce energy and resource depletion through conservation and reuse. We also effectively control potential occupational hazards (rolling, electric shock, spill off, and fall) to provide employees with a healthy and safe work environment. In 2020, we received certification for the ISO 45001 occupational health and safety management system. In 2015, we established the “Special Workload Related Disasters Prevention Plan” with regards to the “Occupational Health and Safety Act”to better promote the health of employees.

Energy conservation achievements: We conserve energy and reduce emissions by enhancing energy efficiency. In 2014, the Environmental Protection Administration awarded us with the Enterprise with Outstanding Energy Conservation and Emissions Reduction Action Mark.

Supply chain management: We request that suppliers abide by the RBA code of conduct, which includes banning child labor and complying with local labor-related laws and regulations and labor safety and related labor laws and regulations; and responsibly sourcing minerals and ensuring that the tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), gold (Au) and cobalt(Co) in the products they manufacture are not purchased from the Democratic Republic of the Congo or adjoining countries under armed conflict or where such minerals are obtained from illegal mining or perpetrators of serious human rights abuses.
Employee Welfare and Care Policy
Equal rights for employees: We abide by laws and regulations and recruit employees through open channels. We never use child labor (e.g., any person under 16 years old) and strictly prohibit forced labor and minor employees from engaging in dangerous jobs. In addition, we specify gender equality and relevant grievance mechanisms, including channels and procedures, in the “Apacer Work Rules” and “Apacer Workplace Sexual Harassment Grievance and Punishment Regulations.”

Employee development: We offer comprehensive education and training courses, such as orientation training, on-the-job training, and self-development courses. We also provide a multidimensional and well-organized education system by duty and by function.

Employee benefits: In addition to contributing to an employee welfare fund, establishing an employee welfare committee, and selecting committee members to establish the annual plan for organizing various welfare activities according to the law, we offer: an employee welfare insurance plan; allowances for marriage, death, birth, and so on; gift certificates on three major folk festivals and the employee’s birthday; periodic health examinations; annual domestic or overseas tours; and comprehensive education and training activities. We also maintain a staff library, implement employee stock ownership plans (ESOP), and offer employee bonuses and various other benefits.

Retirement: We established the “Employee Retirement Regulations” based on the Labor Standards Act to specify the retirement requirements, pension standard, application for retirement, and pension disbursement. We also established the Employee Pension Reserve Supervisory Committee and contribute to the employee pension reserve every month in accordance with the “Regulations for the Allocation and Management of the Workers' Retirement Reserve Funds”. Additionally, we deposit the employee pension reserve in the statutory financial institution in the name of the Employee Pension Reserve Supervisory Committee.
Strategy for Social Service Development
Education development: We care for local education development and fill resource openings to enable students to cultivate specialties that align with their interests while encouraging comprehensive development.

Community care: By exerting organizational influence, we recruit volunteers within the organization to care for society and the environment through real actions in order to set an example for others and achieve an educational effect.

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