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  • Apacer and Advantech Collaborate On A Major IoT Development, Integrating IoT Cloud-based Applications To Make Smart Factories More Efficient
  • Apacer won Corporate Governance Evaluation Award – Top 5% of TWSE-listed companies
  • Apacer is listed in the Top 35 Best Taiwan Global Brands for the 3rd consecutive year
  • Apacer wins 2020 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award -Golden Award in IT & IC manufacturing category.


  • Apacer won Corporate Governance Evaluation Award – Top 5% of TWSE-listed companies
  • Apacer is listed in the Top 35 Best Taiwan Global Brands for the 2nd consecutive year
  • Apacer gets the Taiwan i-sports (Certificate of Corporate Wellness)
  • Apacer wins 2019 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award -Golden Award in IT & IC manufacturing category.


  • Apacer to showcase at Embedded World 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany, to introduce top-range 3D NAND SSD, Industrial DRAM, and TCP Opal 2.0 solutions
  • Apacer launched gamer RGB Module Series: PANTHER RAGE DDR4 RGB Series 
  • Apacer Fully Upgrades to New-Generation DDR4-2666 Memory Modules, supporting the Latest Intel Purley and AMD EPYC Platforms
  • Apacer Wins Taiwan Excellence Award for the 10th Consecutive Year: A total of 8 products across fields of industrial control, optical, and consumer use awarded. More information: Here
  • Listed in the Top 35 Best Taiwan Global Grands
  • Apacer wins 2018 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award -Golden Award in IT & IC manufacturing category.


  • Apacer celebrates its 20th Anniversary, and was ranked No. 1 industrial SSD supplier for five consecutive years(2012-2017) by leading research institution, Gartner. Also, the DRAMeXcahnge reports that Apacer was listed No. 8th of memory module suppliers in revenues.
  • Apacer wins 2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award in electronic information manufacturing category.
  • Apacer is rewarded for the 9th consecutive win in the 26th Taiwan Excellence with six outstanding R&D and fully-optimized user experience products.
  • Apacer partnered with P714, a Taiwanese illustration brand famous for their heartwarming, adorable designs, in creating 3 special edition flash drives and an external hard drive under the key concept of “A Planet of Dreams”. The themes of these Apacer x P714 AH336 flash drives, “Take-off”, “Companionship”, and “Support”, are about friendship and encouragement. On the other hand, AC233, an 1TB USB 3.1 Gen 1 external hard drive
  • With random writing speed of 175,000 IOPs, Apacer PT920 COMMANDO Gaming SSD, masters the decisive moments & succeed in all attacks at 2500/1350MB speed on PCIe Gen 3x4.
  • Apacer showcases a full series of gaming storage solutions featuring a wide variety of specifications including CF cards, CFast cards, SDM (SATA Disk Module), M.2 SSD and DRAM, which can bring out top-of-the-line storage safety and durability to the gaming machine manufacturers.
  • Patent strategy sees success, Apacer industrial memory extends Anti-Sulfuration Technology applications and expects to lead global industrial market trends, seizing place in edge storage business.
  • Apacer debuts new high-endurance microSDHC/XC memory card, the best solution for All-Day Weather-Proof surveillance systems.
  • Apacer gained product validations with major motherboard manufacturers, which adopting Intel 200-series chipsets, for its top gaming memory modules, including BLADE DDR4, COMMANDO DDR4, and PANTHER DDR4, along with its complete memory module product range designed for desktop computers.
  • Apacer introduced NVMe PCIe SSD to support industry-leading NVMe technology. It dramatically improves IOPS and low latency performance, and breaks through the bottleneck of the AHCI standard.
  • Integrated the EFC-G / EFC-R series of GPS function application, Apacer CAN bus communication module provides intelligent and complete vehicle solution such as fleet management, vehicle safety monitoring, and unmanned vehicle monitoring.


  • Publishing brand new business visions. With the advantages of its storage core technology, Apacer will develop products for potential application fields, such as information receiving, analysis, control, and sharing. Apacer will also make deployments in the cloud and IoT applications to plan an IT-enabled services (ITeS) integration eco-system.
  • Launching the USB 3.0 disk module (UDM) with only 22.4mm tailored for 1U servers.
  • Using the all-angle capacitive fingerprint sensor technology ahead of the industry on the AH650 USB 3.0 fingerprint-protected USB3.0 disk for management of public and private data.
  • Launching the first ALLONE-chip-powered AvataRAM innovative storage solution featuring low latency and long read/write life.
  • Apacer was ranked the top industrial SSD supplier for four consecutive years (2012-2015) by leading research institution Gartner. The DRAMeXchange 2015 report ranked Apacer as the ninth memory module supplier in revenue.
  • Announcing the world's first Z280 M.2 SSD that complies with the native PCIe Gen3 x4 standard and the latest NVMe 1.2 standard.
  • Launching the dual-interface AH190 USB disk for Apple that has passed the stringent Apple MFi quality certification assessment.
  • VP & CFO Victor Lin won the Excellent Financial Manager Award at the 34th National Manager Excellence Awards.
  • Winning the Taiwan Excellence Awards for eight consecutive years, including for six products at the 25th Taiwan Excellence Awards.


  • Apacer and Phison Electronics have publicized their strategic cooperation through private fundraising. The companies aim to reinforce their experience and R&D capability in the industrial SSD and controller industries through investment.
  • Apacer launches the 3.0 Upgrade Plan as part of its 2015 business prospects. The plan aims to expand business operations into global markets by focusing on breakthrough developments in four major markets, including forming strategic industry alliances in niche markets, conforming to mobile device trends, embracing gaming, and cloud integrated development.
  • Apacer has maintained the position of “the world’s leading supplier of industrial SSD” nominated by Gartner in 2012, 2013, and 2014. In addition, Apacer was ranked eighth in terms of 2014 Global Module Manufacturer Revenue by DRAMeXchange.
  • Apacer exclusively co-brands with Jimmy Liao, a Taiwanese illustrator renowned for his picture book, in launching the Jimmy Limited Editions products:WP210 Power Speaker with wireless charging and the compact and adorable WS211 Bluetooth Speaker.
  • The ISO50001 Energy Management System was officially implemented as of 2015 to effectively utilize new techniques/technologies and resources and control the use and consumption of energy and resources. Therefore, energy usage efficiency can be improved, with unnecessary energy waste reduced, leading to the optimization of energy usage. Moreover, we passed the ISO50001 Energy Management System verification in September 2015, fulfilling the objectives of energy management.
  • Apacer wins 24th Taiwan Excellence Awards for the 7th consecutive year, including the NFC SSD, which reinforces upgrading security protection by using wireless communication technology, the CoreAnalyzer technology software with unique and innovative analyzing technology, the NOX DDR4 SO-DIMM memory module, which offers high stability performance, the AH650 USB 3.0 fingerprint flash drive securing private user's confidential information, and the stylish and portable super-mini USB flash drives AH157/AH116.


  • Apacer announces its 2014 business strategy , H.O.R.S.E., to keep commit to the brand promise "Access the Best", continue innovation, provide complete user experience for clients and end users , launch more unique solutions, cloud and consumer-related products in global market.
  • Apacer wins 23rd Taiwan Excellence Awards for the 6th consecutive year, including the UrKey Technology SSD with comprehensive data security, the innovatively integrated SSD-DRAM memory module-Combo SDIMM, the technology-breakthrough WP210 Apacer Power Speaker, the AH450 USB3.0 flash drive with ultra-high speed transmission, as well as the dual-functional AH175 OTG flash drive plus Apacer FileBridge App which integrate software and hardware services.
  • Maintained the position as the world's leading supplier of industrial SSD nominated by Gartner in 2013.
  • President of Apacer, CK Chang, has won the prestigious Top 100 MVP Managers Award and the Outstanding I.T. Elite Award that are presented to only the best professionals of the IT industry.
  • Continued commitment to green policies such as Taiwan's Green Power Purchase Plan that encourage energy saving and carbon reduction.
  • Awarded with the Medal for Excellence in Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction Initiative by the Environmental Protection Administration as a commendation for Apacer's energy saving and carbon reduction efforts that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, making Apacer a corporate role model for environmental friendliness.
  • Introduced the ISO 50001 energy management systems to improve energy use efficiency, reduce operational costs and greenhouse gas emissions, achieving implementation of energy management and corporate social responsibility.


  • Three latest SATA 3.0 high-speed transmission interface SSDs, qualified for cloud, massiveness and mobility.
  • Following the trend of mobile development, Apacer continued its market distribution in three major strategies- organizational, operational, and managerial innovation.
  • Ranked the global Top 1 manufacturer in the industrial SSD.
  • Established the operational headquarter in New Taipei City to realize the plan of bringing factories and offices together, successfully set the corporate milestone, and carried out sustainable development.
  • Industry-leading 22PIN SATA 6Gb/s high-speed modular SSD, along with mobile peripheral products for mobile application.
  • The only industrial SSD manufacturer that won the 22nd Taiwan Excellence Awards. The award-winning products: Apacer SSDWidget - the world's first-ever cloud-based monitoring software; SFD 25A-M - the industry-leading 5mm ultra-thin SSD; CSD - the dual disk SSD with pioneering and innovative design.


  • The high-capacity and high processing speed 8GB DDR3 1600 UDIMM with ECC Server Memory Module hit the market. Via this memory module, server systems run perfectly at high-speed (12800MB/s).
  • mPDM (mini PCIe Disk Module) modular SSD, which offers higher transmission speed and larger storage capacity for high-end application such as network storage or enterprise servers.
  • DDR3-1600 ECC RDIMM tailored for storage server.
  • AC232 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed portable HDD with stylish ocean pattern, which features innovative anti-slip & anti-shock design with chic pattern to protect valuable data.
  • Pioneering ultra-high speed industrial CFast Card; the doubled speed hit the high performance computing market.
  • SDM4 7P/180D ultra slim SSD and WiFun AF750 received the 21st Taiwan Excellence Awards.


  • Ultra-high speed industrial CFast Card, which broke through the traditional IDE interface restrictions with a tripled transmission speed.
  • The world's fastest high-capacity Ultra High Speed microSDXC 64GB memory card.
  • Apacer industrial SSD SUFD, consumer SSD AS602, AH128 and AH 129 flash drive win the 19th Taiwan Excellence Awards
  • External hard drive AC232 received the 20th Taiwan Excellence Awards.


  • Apacer's SmartBadge, which combines data security and storage needs, wins the “COMPUTEX TAIPEI design & innovation awards”
  • Apacer once again breaks through and introduces the world’s first four dual SSD solutions – CSFD, SRFD, SHFD and SUFD, adding additional functions to the SSD.
  • Apacer introduces its 4GB DDR3-1333 ECC RDIMM Energy-saving Server Memory Module Featuring Ultra Low voltage that Slashes Costs of Enterprise-level Servers
  • Apacer listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange.


  • With top-class specifications and delicate texture, Apacer's new 200X high-speed USB drives Handy Steno 522 is marked by an extraordinary momentum.
  • Apacer's latest industrial SSD solutions, SAFD 254,employs its proprietary stacking technology, which supports both high capacity requirement and wide operating temperature demand for tough environments.
  • Establishes VA-Consumer product department and includes 4 product lines: Digital Storage, Multi-Media Solution, Digital Sharing, Peripheral.
  • Introduces high capacity and low power consumption 8GB DDR2 Fully Buffered DIMM memory module.
  • Apacer's SmartBadge, which combines data security and storage needs, wins the “IF product design award”.
  • Becomes an official sponsor of WCG 2009 Grand Final, held in Chengdu, China.
  • Apacer's Industrial SSD Solutions, SDM 7P/180D LP, featuring patented connector wins the 18th Taiwan Excellence Award.
  • Announces the DDR3-2133MHz “Giant II DDR3 Overclocking Memory Module series” further adopt the unique “air-fall” vents for quick heat dissipation.
  • Announces 8GB DDR3 Server Memory Module with built-in Thermal Sensor for Excellent Power-saving advantages.


  • Wins sponsorship from Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, for its project of ”Establishment of Brand Management Systems by Taiwanese Enterprises”
  • AH421 Wins the “IF product design award”
  • Wins the “Taiwan Excellence Award” for its Aeolus active overclocking memory module
  • Aeolus active overclocking memory module wins “Innovation Award” from PC world Greece and “Editor’s Choice” from PC magazine Russia.
  • Introduces SSD+ Optimizer, the world's first Solid State Drive (SSD) optimization solution with HyperFast technology from performance and reliability innovator Diskeeper Corporation
  • Cooperate with RTD, the founding member of the PC/104 Embedded Consortium, to develop its innovative new SATA Disk Chip (SDC) SSD
  • Introduces low power consumption DDR2 Fully Buffered DIMM memory module
  • Memory module products awarded NO1 in “ NOVA Channel Award” in Taiwan
  • AH225 / AH421 handy drive wins “ Innovation Award” from Tweak Germany
  • HT203 wins “Rexware Golden Award” 


  • Founds India subsidiary
  • Awarded as “Demonstrative Project” and wins sponsorship from Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C., for its “Project A+: Global Logistic and Value Added”
  • Wins the iF Product Design Award for its AH421 flash drive
  • Wins the G-Mark International Design Award from Japan for its AU860 MP4 player and AH225 flash drive
  • Introduces DDR2-1066 4GB Kit 2, 4GB DDR2-800 FB-DIMM & 8GB DDR2-667 ECC RDIMM ahead of competitors
  • Leading industry to launch the new generation of single chip solution with fastest Serial ATA Flash Drives (SAFD)
  • Wins the Best Buy Award from the Australia PC User for its AU581MP3 player
  • Introduces 10th anniversary special edition “Love Memory SD card”, a combination of fashion and aesthetic token into memory card series
  • Awarded NO1 in “ NOVA Channel Award” in Taiwan
  • Awarded as “Users' Favorite Brand” by CBINEWS in China
  • Wins the award of “Product of the Year 2007” from the online survey conducted by Tian- Ji Yesky for its SDHC Class


  • Becomes a worldwide enabling partner of Intel for offering FB-DIMM solutions.
  • Becomes an official sponsor of WCG ITALY 2006.
  • Introduces world’s first 2.5” SATA RAID Flash Drive (SRFD) that increases data reliability and security .
  • Wins the G-Mark International Design Award from Japan for its AH520 USB flash drive.
  • Wins the Symbol of Excellence (SOE) award for its AH520 USB Flash Drive, AA220 USB 2.0 Anion Extension Cradle, FB-DIMM, and DDR400 Very-Low-Profile(VLP)ECC Registered DIMM 2GB.
  • Handy Steno enhanced for Windows® VistaTM ReadyBoost.
  • Becomes the world's sixth largest branded memory maker according to DRAMeXchange 2006 Branded DRAM Module Revenue Ranking Survey.


  • Wins the SOE for its DDR2 533 UNB-DIMM, DDR 333 Micro- DIMM, Photo Steno Pro II CF Card and Share Steno CD211.
  • Voted by readers as the best brand in the USB Flash Drive category as shown in HWM & GameAxis, Malaysia 2004/2005.
  • Wins the Photokina Star Award from Photopresse and Digit for its Photo Steno Pro II.
  • Wins the Sliver Award from the NAOE for Share Steno CD211.
  • Longtan plant wins international standard for environmental management systems, ISO 14001:2004.
  • Wins the G-Mark International Design Award from Japan for its HA 202 USB flash drive.


  • Introduces DDRII DRAM modules for servers ahead of competitors.
  • Wins the Gold Award from the NAOE for its Disc Steno.
  • Wins the G-Mark International Design Awards from Japan for its HT203 USB flash drive.
  • Becomes the world’s fifth largest memory maker in the iSuppli survey.


  • Introduces memory-stick-supported MP3 player in cooperation with Sony and wins the Symbol of Excellence (SOE) award.
  • Introduces world’s first portable photo CD burner and wins the National Award of Excellence (NAOE).
  • Becomes the world’s ninth biggest flash memory maker as shown in the Dataquest survey.
  • Voted by readers as the most influential digital storage brand by PC2000 of Taiwan.
  • Becomes an official memory supplier of HP and Acer.


  • Launches strategic alliance with Sony to become the exclusive distributor of Sony Memory Stick.
  • Establishes firmware R&D team.
  • Introduces Wintel server products.


  • Founds Chinese subsidiary in Shanghai.
  • Launches strategic alliance with SST through mutual investment.
  • Introduces industrial-grade memory modules.


  • Founds Japanese subsidiary in Tokyo.
  • Launches into strategic alliance with IBM to accelerate DDR memory module enabling.
  • Targets the assembly PC market and is early market leader for DDR PC2100 DRAM modules.


  • Becomes the world's fourth biggest memory module maker in Dataquest survey.
  • Introduces flash memory product line.


  • Introduces DRAM modules that comply with Intel PC 100 ahead of competitors.
  • Produces RIMM products in cooperation with Rambus.
  • Establishes the Longtan, Taiwan plant and Dutch subsidiary.


  • Apacer Technology Inc. and US subsidiary founded.

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