Learning and Development

Employee Development Planning
  • Professional consultation to help employees carry out career and development planning.
  • Based on organizational and departmental annual targets, plan annual KPIs and plans with employees, help employees understand career development paths, provide necessary professional training, and assist employees in establishing a clear and complete development vision.
  • Conduct two performance evaluations a year as overall examinations of work effectiveness and development direction of employees.
  • Evaluate employee performance with a well-planned performance evaluation system to review the suitability of employees' personal development planning.
  • Design an objective and fair performance evaluation system and effectively link the system to rewards, penalties, and promotions.
Comprehensive and Professional Education and Training Courses

To enforce Apacer’s core spirit of expertise, customer orientation, teamwork, and execution power, we plan comprehensive education and training courses to equip employees with core competencies and enhance their workplace competitiveness.Course classification:

Management Courses

Equip officers of different levels with the required management abilities.

Professional Courses

Equip employees with the various professional competencies required for their positions.

General Education Courses

Equip employees with various general competencies and skills for enhancing work efficiency, such as language, presentation, and communication.

Fundamental Courses

Equip employees with the fundamental knowledge and skills required by Apacer. These include:
(1)Strengthening organizational core spirit and promoting new concepts and systems.
(2)Orientation training for new employees.
(3)Occupational safety related courses.

Further Education

In addition to professional training courses, we offer comprehensive learning channels to encourage employees to voluntarily gain and share knowledge.

  • Establishment of a section on the company intranet for sharing articles, good books, and learning opinions.
  • Allowances for external training.
  • Rewards for study groups and other learning activities.
  • Share interesting articles in common areas.
  • Provide a wide variety of books, newspapers, and magazines.
  • Establishment of In-Service Further Education Regulations for employees to freely select further education courses outside of Apacer and offer allowances to encourage employees to learn.

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