Sales Services

Taking Perspective, Creating the Best User Experience and Service Ahead of Customers

Consumer- oriented

Apacer plans the best product combinations based on user preferences and experience and offers 24-hour service in collaboration with dealers to build a well-structured and secure digital storage environment for consumers, allowing them to realize a rich digital storage life featuring greater convenience and higher quality.

Insights into new technology

With an eye on technological evolution, industrial trends, and potential customer needs, Apacer continuously updates product information and market trends to directly tailor solutions for equipment providers, agents, and dealers in order to offer high-performance and high-reliability products and services that enhance market competitiveness.

Global after-sale service

In addition, Apacer is dedicated to building a well-organized and complete after-sales service network to provide real-time sales and technical support through local sales and FAEs in all sales locations across five continents, providing a flawless user experience.

Swift and Efficient Global Logistics

By integrating all logistics interfaces with information technology, Apacer captures logistics status and strengthens management to provide customers with TTL professional solutions. Apacer also plans optimal logistics paths and competitive costs to provide customers with the quickest, most efficient, and most reliable services.

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