Manufacturing Capacity

Rich Customization Know-How and Outstanding Equipment R&D and Production Capacity

By introducing advanced production equipment and establishing a well-planned factory management system, we are able to build a green production environment that conforms to international standards. With years of branded and custom manufacturing experience, we cultivated a professional R&D team to tailor optimal processes for customers for better production efficiency, capacity, and quality.

Integrating Virtual and Physical Systems, Hardware and Software for Smart Production

By combining advanced automation equipment and internet communication technology, we create smart production systems that enhance efficiency and competitiveness in order to make production processes more flexible and to minimize differences between quality and services, effectively raising customer satisfaction.

Apacer Smart Factory Vision Project

Implementation of an intelligent production software system

The brand-new intelligent production software system can accurately record process and production data for perfect integration with production equipment and full product traceability information. After further analysis of the collected production data, we can optimize production measures.

Equipment automation and communication

We gradually improve ICT ability and increase the automation of production equipment, combining intelligent production software systems to analyze production parameters, implement production management, and send production statuses to the management center for parameter correction and nonconformity prevention.

Manufacturing environment surveillance

We equip sensory equipment equivalent to the five human senses and apply intelligent technology to monitor production space conditions and produce real-time status reports in order to create a healthy and safe production environment.

Forming a functional promotion team for intelligent manufacturing and development

We promote smart factory concepts and enforce smart manufacturing thinking throughout the company.

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