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Apacer Focuses on Operational Energy, Leading the Way in Unveiling ESG Policies

The world-leading digital storage brand Apacer (8271-TW) held its Institutional Investor Conference today. In addition to announcing annual sales figures, General Manager Chia-Kun Chang talks about how aside from understating market demand trends and grasping business opportunities in the post-pandemic age, Apacer will focus on three major aspects: Emphasis on focus fields, deployment of future technologies and digital transitions of business operations, thereby developing operational momentum. In addition, Apacer promotes the importance of ESG for the international economic environment (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance). Apacer has taken the lead in revealing its ESG policies with its long-term development goal of becoming a sustainable business.

General Manager Chang pointed out that, in 2021, due to acceleration applications such as 5G applications, non-contact applications and cloud applications in the post-pandemic age, overall demand is on the rise. As insufficient production capacity of supply chains is a current issue, short-term trends are beneficial to the development of the memory industry. However, for Apacer, adopting three operational momentum driving from its decision in “focusing on value upgrade, collaborating in value-adding services” is the long-term path for steady operations. Emphasis on focus fields concentrates on high-customization, high-gross-profit niche industries such as sturdy products, smart medical care and pan-network devices. Deployment of future technology combines software, hardware and firmware development technologies, such as AI+AR or AI+cloud management, to provide comprehensive services and create competitiveness for Apacer’s partners. As for Digital transitions of operations, the last piece of the puzzle will be completed this year.  By collecting, integrating and analyzing data through information integration and information systems, Apacer uses data to optimize management efficiency and enhance its business operation policies.

In addition, ESG sustainability is becoming more important by the day, with international investment trends paying more attention to ESG relevant policies. This can be seen from the Corporate Governance Roadmap 3.0 promoted by the Financial Supervisory Commission. Apacer believes that by adopting ESG actions and creating differentiation policies, operational performance can be improved and operational risk reduced. This is not only an investment issue, but also key to business sustainability. As a leading brand of the industry, Apacer’s unveiling of ESG policies at its Institutional Investor Conference is a clear indication of its commitment, hoping to lead firms in Taiwan’s relevant industries to not only continue to create value for shareholders but also to tend to the rights of all stakeholders.

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