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Apacer introduces Share Steno CD211- the world's first stand-alone 2-way portable USB storage device with USB2.0 OTG and LCD panel

(Taipei) The world's first two-way portable USB storage device equipped with USB2.0 on-the-go interface, and LCD panel will be available from your local Apacer dealer this September. The Share Steno CD211 is specially designed for travelers, professional photographers, users of USB storage devices, and users who need an external hard drive.

""Users don't want to worry about the capacity of their digital camera's memory card when on a trip, especially if they don`t want to carry a laptop computer all the time,"" says Lawrence Lo, vice president of Apacer, ""the Share Steno CD211 is a stand-alone, two-way portable USB storage device that uses a standard 2.5"" hard disk, and allows users to connect directly to a digital camera, MP3 player, flash drive, card reader or other USB devices, and quickly and easily save their pictures, music, or other files.""

According to Lawrence Lo, vice president at Apacer, the Share Steno CD211 allows users to copy data from and to various USB storage devices without connecting to a PC. For example, from the memory card on a digital camera to the Share Steno CD211, or users can transfer music files from the Share Steno CD211 to an MP3 player, as if it was an MP3 library with super capacity!

The USB2.0 OTG (on-the-go) interface allows the Share Steno CD211 to detect USB devices automatically and users to copy data to and from the device, copy or delete selected files, create new folders and file management without connecting to a PC, thanks to the golden-backlit LCD panel that allows users to view the number and size of files. When connected to a PC, the Share Steno CD211 acts as a general external hard drive.

The Share Steno CD211 is slim and modern in design and available in high-tech blue and pearl-white colors. At just 220g, the Share Steno CD211 is extremely lightweight, even when connected to a hard disk. The supplied Li-ion battery gives up to 1 hour of continuous use, without needing an external power supply. An anti-slip pad is attached to the cover to secure the Share Steno CD211 to whichever surface you`re working on. Apacer`s attention to the design details ensures users can enjoy a modern digital lifestyle, and the USB cable and the device bag make data transfer more convenient.

Apacer has equipped the Share Steno CD211 with a user-friendly interface and various functions, such as icon-based display of the various functions and data copying status, one-button copy, automatic power-saving shutdown, driver-free automatic detection of USB devices, etc. Moreover, users can update the latest software and firmware anytime from Apacer`s official website at www.apacer.com.

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