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Meet the Even More Fascinating AS330 PANTHER SSD Fast, Furious, Accurate The Ultimate Reading Speed 545MB/s

Taipei – Sep 14, 2015 – Apacer is glad to release the high-quality, fastest SSD AS330 PANTHER allowing your PC to run like a panther. Apacer views promoting the popularity of high-speed transmission as its own mission and rolls out the latest SSD, which adopts the next generation SATAIII transmission interface. It provides excellent performance of read/write speed reaching 545/520 MB/s(960GB). PANTHER is perfect for gaming desktop, laptop and NAS users.

Technologies progress with each passing day, and the capacity of files and applications in the computer increase rapidly. Ideal user experience can be maintained only by updating hard drive read/write speed. The users are supposed to enjoy their experience of fast start-up and starting application in a second, and there’s no need to waste time in waiting for reading or writing. Apacer’s leading technology and market scale in SSD area enable the brand to roll out outstanding and cost-effective SSD products. Users can easily enjoy the ultra read speed of 545MB/s.

Easily upgrade to the ultra reading speed of 545MB/s

AS330 PANTHER is the latest SSD of Apacer, which represents the popularity of SSD. It adopts the next-generation SATAIII interface, provides ultra transmission speed of 6GB, along with the most advanced 8-channel synchronous transmission design. Hence, read/write speed up to 545/520 MB/s can be achieved. In addition, PANTHER is the one and only for budding gamers on a budget.

Apacer AH650 is a USB flash drive equipped with the latest capacitive sensing fingerprint recognition technology. Apart from enhancing recognition speed and accuracy, there is no directional limit for fingerprint recognition to significantly outperform traditional slide fingerprint scan in security and convenience terms. It also spares the trouble of memorizing and entering long passwords. By simply putting the finger on the presentation plane, users can easily activate the hidden, fingerprint-protected partition to provide perfect protection for important personal information.

Apacer AH650 provides exclusive fingerprint registration and management software for the main administrator to register and manage ten sets of fingerprint data. The disk space of Apacer AH650 is divided into public and fingerprint-secured partitions. The former is accessed by means of plug and play, while the latter must be activated by fingerprint recognition. Apart from top data protection for USB flash drives, Apacer AH650 is user-convenient.

Ergonomic design with incomparable sensing accuracy

To mark out the professionalism and prestigious status of business users, Apacer’s design team designs the sensing area based on the diamond cutting ratio. The crown (eight symmetrical arrows) and pavilion (eight symmetrical hearts) contouring and ingenious diamond cut provide a clear guiding effect for the finger to perfectly touch the sensing area and enable users to finish recognition without looking at it, thus making it easy to open in all situations. The classically etched textured body brings a better grip and the anti-slippery function for users to operate the drive more comfortable and more conveniently.

High-speed reading for large file transfer

As a perfect choice for business users, AH650 offered in dazzling golden and diamond silver is available in 32GB and 64GB capacities for users to store a large quantity of files without hassle. Apacer AH650 is equipped with the USB 3.0 super-speed interface with reading speed up to 130MB/s for transferring large multimedia files. For users demanding maximum information security and convenient data transfer, Apacer AH650 Fingerprint Flash Drive is the first choice fulfilling their demand for personal information protection and efficiency.

Multiple advantages - prime choice for desktop and laptop speed upgrade

Apacer suggests that desktop users use PANTHER as system drive, and the original hard drive can serve as data drive. Therefore, high transmission speed and massive storage can be achieved. PANTHER is thoughtfully available in capacities of 120/240/480/960GB to meet the demand of different users. Meanwhile, Apacer publishes specially designed SSD Widget software which allows users to examine the SSD status as well as instant firmware update.

Upon upgrading their laptops with PANTHER, users can enjoy performance boost immediately. Boot time and speed of application start-up can be significantly improved. It also features 20G anti-vibration and 1500G anti-shock protections. There’s no need to worry about hard drive failure and data corruption even on the go. It can be considered the necessary upgrade for laptop.

PANTHER boasts built-in advanced Wear Leveling and ECC (Error Correction Code) functions and supports Windows 7 TRIM command. These not only extend SSD life and improve operation stability, but also maintain long-term performance. In addition, PANTHER supports DEVSLP mode (Device Sleep) which provides lower power consumption and can effectively extend notebook computer battery life. AS330 PANTHER has 3-year global warranty and users can enjoy ultimate read/write speed to their hearts’ content!

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